Good timing is always a crucial part of sex. If you want to please your woman sexually you will need to learn the art of foreplay. A lot of men often think that foreplay is a waste of time and they directly jump for the bang-bang. In fact, foreplay is the most integral part of a great orgasm. You need to be perfect with your timing as too slow will make it boring and the speed will kill the real fun of good sex. You should be creative with your approach to make her want you badly. So, spare a few minutes as we are going to help you with a few mind-blowing foreplay tips to have great sex.

The Warm-Up session:

kiss the legs

Never jump into the action straight away when you are on the bed with a woman, she will hate it. A good warm-up session is very important to set the mood right. Start with light kisses and touch her erogenous zones, keep your hand on her inner thigh or slip your hands around her waist while you are kissing her. Kissing and touch on the right spots of her body will get her juices flowing. Slowly progress to the precoital massage. You can start massaging the length of her leg and slowly mover down to her ankles and feet. This will for sure get her into the act!

Talk to her to know she likes:

talk to her

Women always like to talk while having sex. It is not necessary to talk dirty as not all women are interested but complimenting her while you are turning on the heat will make it even better. You just need to maintain the right timing and take breaks to make the small talks with her. Going close to her ear, kissing and then whispering is the best way to talk to your lady. Ask her what she likes and try to do it for her which will make her fall for you badly!

Target the right spots:

kiss spots

Women have several spots on her body which can turn her on or when stimulated by men can make her go crazy. It is also possible that no two women will like the same spots to be stimulated which turns her on. Therefore, talking to her while foreplay comes handy to know the right spots. Kiss her on the right spots before you go for her privates. There are parts of her body which men do not bother such as the labia. Labia are packed with nerve endings and are not be ignored during foreplay.

Use your tongue:

use tongue

Your tongue is the real weapon which is very important during foreplay. When you are finally at her service down you should use your tongue wisely and as much as possible. Workaround her clitoris slowly forming a figure 8. You will have to use both your tongue and your fingers at the same time to make her go crazy. Suck her, lick her and kiss her until the little buttons swell. It is important to maintain the right speed when your tongue is at work. Kissing works the best during foreplay so make sure you kiss her as much as you can and use your tongue.

Boost your foreplay:

boost foreplay

It is important to boost your foreplay try and do different things rather just focusing on just one act. Never do things just for a sake of it but do it with passion do what you want to. If you like her butt, kiss it when you do things you like passionately she will get into the mood. Make some extra effort to please her when you notice that she initiates action. Show her how much you like her body and she is falling for you for sure.

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