Last week we went through World Body-building Champion Bhumika Sharma’s diet program. We saw how her hard work and perfect diet took her to the top level of fitness and body-building. She is an inspiration to all the women who are struggling with their fitness goals. She taught us that nothing is impossible if you work hard towards your goals. This week we are here with yet another hot female fitness and Instagram sensation, Eva Andressa.

Eva Andressa is a Brazilian fitness icon and a TV host. Andressa started as a skinny teenager and went on to become a global fitness and body-building sensation. She has one of the greatest female physiques in the industry. She is one of the most popular female fitness celebrity on Instagram with over 4,410,565 followers. She has been featured in numerous fitness magazines, inspiring fans around the world to achieve their fitness goals.

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Eva was born in Pine Nut Land, Curitiba, Brazil. She was embarrassed about her looks when she was younger due to her skinny figure. She started working out at the age of 17 without any professional trainer or working knowledge of fitness. Eva lost hope and gave up after the first few weeks. She then met Jardel Barros and soon entered into a relationship with him. The new man came as a new hope for Eva as he was an athlete. Jardel gave Eva the inspiration and training that changed her body completely. Both Eva and Jardel married soon and continued to work towards their goals.

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She entered her first ever professional competition when she was 21. She took part in 2005 NABBA Lobo Bravo Cup in Brazil. Eva walked away as the figure champion. It was just a start as Eva took part in several competitions over the years under the guidance of her husband. She rose to fame in 2010, she was invited to appear on a celebrity TV show in Brazil – Program DoJo.

But like every other bodybuilder, it is not only Eva’s workout but a strict diet which she follows to maintain her lean physique. Let us look at her diet plan which can also help you to start or improvise on yours.

eva_andressa workout

Eva’s diet plan.

She maintains a proper balance between the supplements and the food she eats throughout the day.

Meal 1 – Couple of whole eggs and around 4 egg whites made with olive oil. Green tea and a few slices of bread.
Meal 2 – Vegetables, whole wheat pasta, and around 120gms of chicken breast grilled.
Meal 3 – Whey protein and oatmeal.
Meal 4 – Graham toast, cottage cheese, and tuna in water.
Meal 5 – Vegetables and grilled chicken breast.
Meal 6 – Eggs, two whole, and 4 egg whites.
Meal 7 – Whey protein shake with Glutamine.

eva_andressa figure

According to Eva, fans are the real motivation behind her fitness journey and she credits all her success to her husband and trainer, Jardel Barros. Follow her Instagram account to get some real-time fitness motivation.

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