One of the biggest problems with Indian culture is victim blaming. It comes right below ignorance on the list of problems and is a result of it too. Indian men have been taught that women are supposed to be submissive to an extent where people don’t think twice before blaming them for the worst form of torture that a woman might have to go through. We all know that it is wrong. We all believe that it shouldn’t exist because it brings more trauma to the victim. But that’s not it.

Victim blaming has to stop for a bigger reason too. Victim blaming is not only traumatizing to the victim, it can be used as a psychological weapon by the culprit. And in most cases, it is used as one.

Considering rape cases, victim blaming comes up as a tool used by the rapist to create psychological disconnect from their crimes. The rapist will believe that the victim is at fault to justify their actions and attain whatever little peace they can and also to try and convince everyone around them. Sadly enough, we live in a world where rapists are also given a chance to defend themselves and we all know they use it pretty well.

Victim blaming also causes isolation of the victim. Since everyone around them believes that their behavior is what brought them to their unfortunate fate, people try to not have the same habits or attitude which ends up people pretty much isolating the victim and increasing the trauma.

Victim blaming, being a stigma itself, brings about worse notions as it presents single-sided opinions about the victim having done something wrong. which leads to the belief that the culprit might not be completely at fault. While this belief is not concrete, it is used in the support of the culprit in a manner that seems strong enough to help them get an easy passage.

Victim blaming isn’t completely a processed thought. According to ‘just world hypothesis’, victim blaming happens because of the subconscious belief that the previous victim’s actions brought their fate upon them and avoiding their actions might help avert any tragedy coming our way. But, it is a subconscious thought. Anything that comes to the real world and affects lives in a real manner is an evolution of that thought. As humans, we are blessed with the power to control the evolution of our thoughts. Hence it is our duty to be sensitive enough, responsible enough and humane enough to not let our thoughts negatively affect the life of someone who is already going through a lot.

We should be aware of these dynamics that surround victim blaming because it not only worsens the dilemma that the victim is in but gives the culprits a chance to justify an indefensible crime.

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