Home automation concept has not picked up in India as much as the abroad countries, the primary reason being Home Automation is quite expensive when you see the prices here in India. Complete home automation when done requires a lot of monetary investment and an immense amount of cabling and concealed work.

When it comes to getting Home automation at your house (especially in India) and on a strict budget, I would say start small by investing in individual electric devices and converting them to Home Automation. I am listing down a couple of affordable (under 2k) SMART LED bulbs available in India which you can operate wirelessly and control from your fingertips – from your phone. These are the first step towards home automation.

Mansaa Smartshine SMART LED Bulb – Around 1800 INR

Well, this one is my personal favorite and I am using it for a long time. If you want to know at one glance whether it is really worth it or not? then just check the number of positive ratings and reviews about this product on Amazon and you will realize it. “Mansaa” is an IOT smart lighting company that is committed to building easy to use smart lighting solutions for customers. It’s features being

  • Millions of colors in one light
  • Mansaa Proprietary “Real Time” Music Sync
  • Wake up with Lights Feature
  • The brightness, saturation and rich colors produced by “Mansaa” Smart Lights
  • Choose between themes/scenes for one area or choose differently
  • Wirelessly control lights
  • A complete Made in India product.

Check out the product here

Iota Lite Bluetooth Smart LED bulb – Around 1200 INR

This one comes equipped with a lot of features but personally, I would not want a smart bulb with so so many features but in case if you are one of those who would want to opt for a smart bulb loaded with features then this is the one for you. It’s features being

  • Millions of colors in one light
  • A Color for Every Mood
  • You can sync the Iota smart bulb with music using your mobile device to create the perfect ambiance for a celebration
  • Never miss an important call as Lite, with its unique call alert feature, will blink in a certain color if you’ve got a call
  • Weather Alerts
  • Now automate your home lighting. You can schedule Lite to turn on or change colors at a particular time.

Check out the product here

Syska Rainbow Smartlight – Around 1600 INR

This Smartlight Rainbow LED Bulb uses LED & Wireless technology to deliver infinite possibilities at your fingertips. This is indeed a revolutionary product from Syska! Download the Syska Rainbow LED Light App to experience unique features. It’s features being

  • Works on Bluetooth; NOT COMPATIBLE with Alexa enabled devices
  • Lifespan of 25,000 Hrs
  • Wireless range for connectivity is up-to 10 M
  • Dimmable Colour & White Light

Check out the product here

Kourion Magic Smartlight – Around 1400 INR

This is a relatively new name but they have a received a good amount of reviews. It has all the necessary features which a dedicated smart-bulb would require and has great usability and long life. It’s features being

  • Multicolour control panel with favorite color saving option
    • Various party lighting themes
    • Changing lights with a phone camera
    • Timer to set alarms
    • Personalize your lighting with a color palette of over 16 million colors
    • (DIY)Customization: Create your own favorite colors and save them. You can even create your own color scheme for parties
    • With 20 pre-programmed color modes, kick start your party in high gear. Or you can sync lights with music on your Smartphone

Check out the product here

Well, these smart bulbs can surely be a stepping stone to you making your house complete with Home Automation. Do let me know which home automation devices are you using and more than satisfied with the purchase.

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