The movie phenomenon of the decade is finally here and people cannot stop talking about it. Just the fact that so many actors and actresses, who we have come to know and love in the past decade are jammed into one movie bonanza is enough to get our blood pumping in excitement!

While people have already started sharing that they were lucky enough to get tickets for the weekend of Infinity War’s release, a privileged few got to see the premiere and the reactions have already started rolling in. Let’s take a deep dive:

1.     Wonder what the other four are!

2.     That’s mightily considerate of you my friend

3.     Whoa she’s going in for second viewing – this is getting serious

4.     In case you were wondering if all the hundred thousand people in this movie are visible

5.     They really aren’t messing around, are they?

6.     Though can anything be at par with Spiderman: Homecoming and Black Panther?

7.     You came in like a wrecking ball

8.     Well this one left me breathless

9.     If ever there was a hint!

10.  In case you didn’t get the memo that this is an MCU movie and you have to stay till the end…duh!

11.  Not sure if this is a compliment or…

PS: do read the thread on this one

12.  The answer to the one BIG questions everyone has right about now

13.  And Thanos is apparently quite a badass villain

14.  Eeeeeeeeeeeep

So when do you plan to watch the movie? And are you going to boycott social media to avoid all spoilers?

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