It is that time of the year in the tech industry where it witnesses some of the most awaited launches from the big and new players aptly called. Consumer Electronic Show (CES)

The biggest and trending news from this show is the “Vivo” the smartphone maker has come up with the first ever phone with inbuilt fingerprint scanner under the screen. Yes ..yes.. it is the same Vivo whose offline marketing strategy has created a great impact in India where every alternate shop you will see huge and huge posters of Vivo (and Oppo).

For the tech enthusiasts, the above video shows how does this on-screen fingerprint technology work. Well, this is some very good news for all those smartphone users who still want fingerprint scanning as their primary unlocking mechanism ( still do not trust Face Unlock) and most importantly the fingerprint scanning button should be on the front-side.

Source: Cnet

IMHO.. I hate fingerprint scanners at the back. It is cumbersome and you need to stretch your fingers and try adjusting your finger perfectly on it and then unlocking. Yes.. I belong to those breed of smartphone lovers who want the fingerprint scanning mechanism on the front. Well, one of the actual reason for the cell phone manufacturers moving it to the back is to get screen estate to their use – in short making the front of the screens end-to-end aka bezel-less.

Source: Cnet

Apart from the in-display fingerprint reading technology we have absolutely no information about the product neither the specs nor the name. But Vivo has released a statement it is slated for early 2018 release.

Check out this hands-on video and let me know in the comments section, how do you feel about this revolutionary mobile tech

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