Red Sparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence released last week. The movie features the story of a ballerina, Dominika, who turns into a spy due to some unfortunate events in her life. The movie also stars Matthias Schoenaerts, Joel Edgerton and  Jeremy Irons as supporting cast. As it’s a spy thriller, you can expect a lot of twists and turns in the plot but this one keeps you glued to your seat till the end. Of course there is Jlaw looking all hot, beautiful and sultry, playing her part flawlessly as a woman whose life has turned upside down. Watch the trailer here:


If this does not motivate you to go and watch this movie, take it from us, we have found some learnings which we feel must be shared with you. The kind of everyday life things that we face that anyone can relate to. Here they are:

*Spoiler Alert*

People do not know their full potential

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As humans, we are bound to underestimate ourselves. We don’t know what we can do and achieve if we decide to do so. The movie hits this point really well. When stuck in a situation, Dominika does not initially believe she can do it and become a flawless spy. However, people around her especially her uncle and her mentors know what she is capable of and what she can achieve. Therefore, it is very important to see through oneself first and know yourself. Trusting oneself with a task can make you reach at a level which you thought you were incapable of.

Understanding what people want

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Source: Tumblr

In order to succeed, understanding what people around you want in life or want from you is very important. We always fail to understand how people around us end up making uncalculated risks which turn out to be a great source of misery.  It is good to be naive but too much of it is stupidity. The thing they teach in the spy school is to know what a person desires the most. If you can read a person to know what he/she needs, you will be able to manipulate them to your benefit or in a simple way just be aware and keep them at a distance.

Confidence in your own self is very important, people will underestimate you at every step

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It’s like a crab story. No other crab will let you go further and eventually everyone will fall and suffer. Humans are like that. People love to under-estimate and demotivate others. In your lifetime, you will meet very few people who would actually care about you and believe you. Who mean it when they say you can do it. But besides this, it is important to first trust yourself and have full confidence in your capabilities. Self confidence can do wonders but don’t be overconfident.

Love of all is the greatest virtue

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No matter how much you succeed or how stressful your journey is, love is the thing that will keep you going. In the case of Dominika, her love for her mom made her journey more meaningful and helped her to succeed in whatever she did.

Even the word impossible says I am possible

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Nothing is impossible in this world. The task may seem difficult and out of reach. But if you decide to pursue the path, stick to it and you shall find the way. In case of Dominika, it seemed almost impossible to survive the torture and atrocities of people around her. However, she made sure she never gave up and in the end she conquers them all.

Do not let your past hover on your present and future, let bygones be bygones

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Often we become victim to our past situations. We do not want to get out of it. But in all the dilemma, we forget to live in the present and plan the future. Though it is important to remember the past, its best to taking it as a learning curve and move on.

What’s gone cannot be undone but what is going to happen next can always be planned and controlled. We have the potential to decide our own future. Why let others make a choice for us? Take charge today and feel the change.

We suggest you go and watch the movie first 😉

Happy Weekend!

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