Late night parties, chill out sessions with friends, finding love, going to movies, college seems so much fun when you are just about to start off. Every 18-year-old who has just finished school looks forward to this journey where they are going to start a whole new life.

So, the school is over, the time of your life which will be with you forever comes to an end. It’s sad when you leave your school friends. School is always fun and the friends you make at school are your life. When school is just about to finish, college planning’s are in your mind. Going to the coolest college in the city to entering the adulthood everything looks like a party. A long list of college expectations is on the way. College is a whole new life experience which is completely different from school life.

The perception of college in every student’s mind is mostly based on what you see in the movies or what you hear from people who are or have finished their college. There’s a bright hope to find yourself a soul mate, to be the coolest dude in the college, and to be a part of the coolest gang of your college.

Getting ready

girls shopping

Entering the college and looking no less than Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra from ‘Student of the Year’. You want to look the coolest guy or the girl in the campus. Well, you want to hit it right on the very first day of your college. So, a cool bike, funky clothes, perfect hair will do the trick for you.

Sunday never ends


Going for a movie every week, exploring every corner of the city because who cares about the classes, you are a free bird now! Planning outings with your gang will always be your chance to find yourself a special one. It is finally time to get a taste of adulthood or ummm… Pseudo Adulthood, maybe!

College Rockstar


Being that one person that everyone wants to be! Your sort of only chance to sweep your crush off their feet and end up with numerous friend requests on Facebook! If you get very lucky then you might just lose your BIG V Card and your heart to the one who deserves it.

You have all the money

the money

Kadki ho ya na ho! Bahar jana is a must! Even if you get abused by your parents for asking for some of that “Mula” you still wouldn’t stop asking for it! Since going out for that overpriced cup of coffee with your crush is more important than anything else.

Expect the unexpected from college! Because little one, it is going to be nothing less than a roller coaster ride! For more tidbits about college and your transition from school to the “Cool” life, stay tuned to Dopewope!

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