The most denied fact on a global level these days is that we are not addicted to our Smartphones. Right from the days of a mobile phone being for the rich ones to it being in every common mans hand, the mobile phone boom has hit us hard.

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In the past when phones were simply mobile phones (and not Smartphones).. we were still addicted. Remember those old T9 typing days, when there were no on-screen keyboard buttons and we relied heavily on physical buttons.

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From that to the latest lightning fast typing on latest on-screen keyboards

We are so addicted to our phones that we unknowingly with or without any purpose we unlock our cellphones more than 100 times a day and keep on scrolling through our Homepages and Menus drawers.

Phones are becoming an object of addiction in our daily lives and we really need to curb down on our Smartphone addiction.

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A Vienna based designer named Schillinger has created a series of 5 substitute phones. It mimics all the gestures, swipes, inputs, scrolling, pinch zooming, taps, clicks and haptic feedback.

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It primarily has stone beads which are an active replacement for digital functions. The creator aims to create sets of therapeutic tools that can help frequent / addicted smartphone users cope with withdrawal symptoms, by providing physical stimulation as a substitute (hence the name Substitute Phone) for phone usage.

Your standard pinch zooming feature

Is replaced with this for the addicts

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Regular side and vertical scroll tasks..

are replaced with this

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To be honest we really are addicted to our smartphone and this is one thing our generation needs to learn to curb down this addiction because our children (the next generation) is definitely going to learn and observer us. If you don’t believe it… Check out the video below and see the harsh reality by your own eyes (maybe on your smartphone  😛 )

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