Fifty Shades Freed is set for worldwide release tomorrow. When we say worldwide we do not include India 😛 We know it because we haven’t seen the first 2 movies in the series as well so there’s no way we are getting lucky the 3rd time.

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Most of you would have read the novel and would agree that movies do not do justice to the story. Starting from the casting of Christian Grey to the screenplay, we feel it is not enough. Nothing much can be done to it now as we are nearing the end. All we can do is read the book and again and use the power of imagination! For those of you who are not into Fifty Shades, or are unaware or have just started reading the novel or watching movie, you are in for a surprise.

The story revolves around a rich entrepreneur Christian Grey with a dark past and singular taste in life especially when it comes to sex.

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Well, his perspective towards “Vanilla Sex” changes when he meets Anastasia Steele who refuses to be his submissive and from there on their journey of love begins.

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The first two movies revolved around building the foundation of their relationship where they try to adjust and know each other better. With the sword of dark past always hanging on their heads, they did manage to move on and fight off the truth of their life. The 2nd movie ended with Christian Grey proposing Anastasia to marry him and be with him forever.

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However, not all is happy and gay here. We have the evil guy lurking in the behind and ready to strike at the first opportunity.

In the upcoming movie, there is marriage on the card. If you have read the book you would know that there is a luxurious honeymoon waiting and more of awesome sex to be seen. With that we will be seeing Anastasia getting pregnant and fighting off the evil Jack (ex boss) and saving Mia. How the events are going to turn out in the movie is something we are looking forward to.

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Check out the trailer here and save your bandwidth to download or stream the movie soon from the banned websites 😉

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Mr. Grey and Mrs. Grey will see you now 😛

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