Gone are the days when dressing up for a night out or a party only consisted of the color black. It’s the time of the millennials, who would only follow the yearly colour forecast from Pantone. Spring of 2017 was all about soothing tones of pastels, which were so pleasant to the eye in some flowy, rich silhouettes. Followed by tones of yellow and green for the autumn. The rich tones of emerald and topaz in the form of long, back baring dresses.

Ladies we are going to give you the perfect lesson to dressing 101! Follow these simple tricks to turn heads at every place you go to!

Ditch those rhinestones for something simpler

Minimalist is the trend of this season. Let go of those gaudy rhinestones jewellery and opt for something more simple and attractive. Wear a pair of huge, chunky hoops along with your dress and transform into a vintage goddess!

Let go of your LBDs

The over used LBDs are a passé now. Look for jumpsuits or cape dresses in different colours to turn heads. Wear them in solid shades or pastel hues and it’ll be the best fix for your dilemma of wearing something black to any party that you go to.

Rose Gold instead of solid yellow gold

Rose Gold has taken over everything and every item in our closet! Be it outfits, jewellery, accessories or shoes! Rose Gold accessories go amazingly well with undertones of pastel and solid shades.

Bare that back and carry a contrast stole

This season dare to bare your back in a gorgeous flowing long dress. Opt for a high-low hem or a mermaid cut with a cowl back. If your choice of clothing is a short dress then go with a deep V in the back. In case you get cold carry a contrast stole which suits best with the colour of your dress. Faux fur stoles are another option for the ladies who want to give their whole look an old world’s charm.

Block Heels are the new sexy

Ditch those sky-high heels for block heels. We know it’s a pain to walk in those killer heels, even though they look drop dead gorgeous with that dress of yours. Well! Block heels don’t look too bad either! They gave you the height and the walk that you deserve to complete your whole look.

Tassels for Life!

Some would consider this a risqué trend, but ladies this one can be pulled off with so much ease! Tassels can be worn in the form of a dress, a top, skirt, or pants! A little bit of detailing or all over your outfit. If you aren’t too sure about it, wear it in the form of an accessory.

Jumpsuits in case you are in a fix!

Jumpsuits are the most chic item that you can ever own in your closet! They are comfy and come in various cuts. Opt a caped jumpsuit to give you a whole dramatic look or one with some ruffle! You can style just a simple one in block colour with a metallic belt to give you that extra edge!

Follow this Holy Grail of fashion trending this 2018 and you’ll shine like never before! Go be the Diva that you are!

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