The Fantastic Beasts Twitter handle, once again, made the fans curious by releasing a teaser for the releasing teaser, a day prior. Just as expected, we got curious… very curious. Here’s the tweet.

Well, we followed the instructions and brought out our wands. Just like magic (and uncle Vernon might have cringed a little), the teaser trailer was out! Every Harry Potter obsessed YouTube channel released it as soon as they got their hands on it, and I must say, this one isn’t a slightest bit disappointing. From Dumbledore’s hot backside, to the deep, cold depths of Grindelwald’s eyes, this one has it all!

The trailer begins with a glimpse of our home – Hogwarts

Three people apparate into the premises. (Seems like that was possible before Dumbledore became the headmaster and changed the rules like the savage that he is.

They walk into what seems like a staff / committee room and Jude Law a.k.a. Dumbledore places his backside on the table and we hear collective sighs from the audience (I can only imagine women all across the world sighing in unison at this sight.)

The deluminator has made a reappearance and things are getting a bit nostalgic.

Then we get to see a glimpse of young Dumbledore’s sassy body language and we wish we weren’t made to think we’re Hogwarts students while reading the books; we’d like to be teachers able to flirt with this hot version of Dumbledore instead.

That all-knowing smile, though. *le sigh*

Fantastic Beasts appeared on and off.

… looks like dear Jacob has started getting used to having them around.

New characters are being introduced and they seem promising.

So are magical amusement items like these floating Zorb Balls.

We saw escaping bowtruckles.

An enraged Obscurus, who is now in what looks like his early adulthood.

… and a magical criminal whose stone-cold eyes scream ‘revenge’.

It ends with what seems like the formation of the symbol of the Deathly Hallows and a sinisterly eerie sounding Harry Potter theme music.

Goosebumps have attacked my seemingly calm body.

… as the excitement builds on.

Watch the full trailer here: (embed the video:

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