Remember the time when we thought fanny packs were for losers? Well! things have changed and how! The fanny pack made a comeback in the fashion scene this year and we saw some of the biggest luxury brands offering their rendition of the “fanny pack” to all the fashion loving people of the world. We sat down and scrolled through Instagram to find out how its actually become the hottest accessory this season. Each fashion influencer owns one of these and can be styled in various ways!

This contemporary piece doubles up as not only a bag but a belt and we absolutely love the way we can put a whole look together with just this one amazing accessory! You can call it either a bum bag, or a belt bag, but its always going to be “Fanny Pack” for me.

Carrying a tote or a sling has become a Fashion Faux Pas (well! not really, but its okay!) Now you know I am completely sold off! Specially the Gucci GG Marmont Matelesse Belt Bag made me fall slowly and steadily fall in love with the whole idea of pulling off a belt bag with all my outfits. The colours, the chevron pattern along with the idea of owning this master piece seemed perfect!

But, enough about all that jazzy branded things. You can own a belt bag too and rock it with any outfit of your choice.

Lets school you on styling a belt bag like a true fashionista that you are!

Wear it with your most mundane white shirt dress. Go crazy with a strong solid colour, think cobalt blue or a berry burgundy! Wear the look with a killer pair of heels! Match that fanny pack with your heels and you are good to go!

Its time to layer your outfit? No worries! Wear a jacket or a coat over your outfit and accentuate the look a little more with a black or brown bum bag. You can also work with other colours. But then its all about keeping it neutral during winters.

Taking that much awaited beach holiday? Taking out all your summer dresses and ruffled skirts? Don’t forget your belt bag! One can absolutely style any outfit with these.

You can put your pant suit look together with this!

Wear them with shorts or your summer dresses or any god damn outfit you want it with! We assure you the outfit will look more edgy courtesy of this one crazy accessory.

Go get one for yourself this season and to style it.

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