Facebook’s cup of woes is refilled almost every week. The latest hurricane to hit the social media giant is a glitch in which old messages within people’s accounts are suddenly resurfacing and appearing as if they were posted recently.

Yeah, those drunk selfies you took with your ex-girlfriend. The time you passed out in college and your friends drew *cough* body parts on your face. Yeah, those could come back…

This has resulted in a lot of Facebook users taking to Twitter to vent their anger since the messages coming back are from years ago and some have gone on to say that they relate to a particular phase in their lives they don’t want to be reminded about.

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The only saving grace is that the company has acknowledged the existence of this bug and has looked into it. And the message has added an apology to the Facebook users who have faced this issue on their Facebook accounts. According to a Verge report, it attributed the issue to software updates. “Earlier today, some people may have experienced Facebook resending older messages. The issue, caused by software updates, has been fully resolved. We’re sorry for any inconvenience,” a Facebook spokesperson

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The fact is whatever messages you exchange on your Facebook account with the other members within your friends’ circle remains on Facebook. Some of the tweets have shared why they are upset with this strange phenomenon on Facebook. One person even went on to say that messages from his partner who passed away a year ago surfaced randomly. This has rattled that person and the tweet is sarcastic saying ‘Thank you Facebook’.

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Some observers are reminding that this is not the first time this resurfacing of old messages on Facebook is occurring; it happened in 2015 once where Facebook was resurfacing painful memories for people using the ‘On This Day’ feature. This happened because the underlying algorithm didn’t know how to differentiate between the celebratory, cheerful posts and simply measured posts by engagement.

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