The day Apple fanatics have been waiting for is here. We have launch of new Apple products. Get ready to shell out some more money and experience the new generation iPhone!

Well, it starts with Apple Watch first. Yes the #1 watch in the world.

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For those who are super active and fitness freaks the new watch series 4 is stunning and beautiful and thinner. With larger screen as compared to the previous version i.e. 40 MM and 44 MM with better UI and screen which is going to be just the right fit. Plus there is new watch face and customisation available for the watch face as per your requirement. Travelling to a different time zone, want your fitness activity tracker on, boarding information or to check your nutrition information, its all here on one screen. The watch face we loved the most was Breathe and Fire and bubble. It looks absolutely amazing! The best feature for people who love the display.

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The crown has a haptic feedback.Accessing Siri is now going to be more feasible and making phone calls even easier. The idea is to make it easier for users to feel connected. With a 64-bit dual core processor which is 2 times faster than the other watches, this one is a generation next watch. For those who can’t walk straight, well, it is going to detect a fall with the motion detector. The best part it is going to alert you and if you are immobile for a minute, it will automatically call to the emergency contact on your phone for help. Now that’s some technology and intelligent detection!

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Besides these, there is going to be a detector for high heart rate, irregular rhythm of atrial fibrillation, take an ECG by just one button press! Having real time data of Heart surely will help lot of people to change or amend their lifestyle. Watch OS 5 comes with 18 hr battery life as well. Running a marathon or going through a bike ride is now going to be super easy. Starts with $399 and $499 and series 3 is $299 and will be available from September 21. But guess its gonna take sometime to launch in India. All we can do is wait or call out our beloved friends or family in the USA 😛

Now comes the iPhone!

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When we think about buying a iPhone most of us plan to sell the kidney in the first place 😛 But before we go to price lets see what’s new. The best part about the keynote is the video which they make. Its so orgasmic we can’t wait to see the product in our hands. And just by seeing the promo video we are in love with the new iPhone!

The new iPhone Xs comes with a surgical steel and has edge to edge screen with a durable glass which they claim to be the best by far. Finally we have IP68 so don’t worry about taking the phone for a swim next time or to a drinking session. You spill some beer on it and not get bothered about the display. Your phone is safe ;). A 5.8 inches Super retina Oled display. There is 5.8 inch screens available, which will make your photos look stunning and make your video watching experience even better. That’s not it, there is also 6.5 inch super retina display screen which is biggest in iPhone so far. Its called the iPhone Xs Max. Its not just display, with wider stereo sound your listening to music is also going to be a better experience. The face ID is better, faster and more secure than the previous version. It comes with A12 Bionic chip, again the first of its kind with 6.9 billion transistors. It can process 5 trillion operations per second! Now that’s huge! Imagine how fast the functioning of your iPhone is going to be. As Tim says, this is by far the most advanced iPhone we have ever created.

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Real time machine learning will help to improve the AR experience and camera app. Accessing Siri is going to be easy peasy by creating a shortcut. Worry not, Siri is going to take care of all your chores. There is AR quick look which help you see the products in AR on your Safari! The graphics and sound for your game play is better experience as compared to any other iPhones.

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Coming to Camera the one thing we use the most on our phones. Well, now you can take more awesome pictures from your iPhone. Both the phones have 12MP wide camera with better optical image stabilization with faster sensor and more depth to your photos. The portrait mode is going to give you much better quality photos with more depth and low light feature. It also has advanced bokeh and extended dynamic range in video which will again make your overall experience much better. It has also introduced a new method called Smart HDR which take photos and stitches them together to make a one proper image. Though something similar to this has been tried by Google Pixel, we can only wait and see what wonders it does to our photos.

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The most important part is battery life. It has an hour and a half more battery than iPhone X. Just to make it more clear we comparing Xs and Xs Max to iPhone X. So hands down these are much better performing phones than the previous version.

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The most essential functionality, dual sim is finally here! This one is a must for people using 2 sims; one for surfing and one for calling. With usage of Jio internet in India, this one is going to be a blessing for iPhone lovers.

Well this is not it. There’s more. Gareebo ka maseeha! No need to sell your kidneys people because we are sure you can afford this one.

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Introducing iPhone XR with LCD display and edge to edge screen. It has 6.1 inch liquid retina which is a bigger display than iPhone 8 plus with 1792 x 828 resolution at 326 PPI. However, the frame is aluminium and not stainless steel like the other versions. It also comes with A12 bionic chip  which means there’s no compromise on the performance and the speed. It has 12MP single camera that does offer portrait mode, combining hardware and software to create the blurred background effect. With Apple’s True Depth system from the iPhone XS, iPhone XR has a 7-megapixel sensor that allows Face ID as well as features like portrait mode selfies, Animoji and Memoji. It’s the same improved system as featured on the XS with faster Face ID unlocking. The battery life is an hour and half longer than iPhone 8 Plus and comes with variety of color options just like our old 5C i.e black, white, blue, coral, yellow, and red.

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So if you are using the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, this one is a perfect upgrade. With similar look and feel of iPhone X, it comes with no home button and tap to wake feature. It also has a haptic touch through which you can open camera with just one touch.

The iPhone XR starts at $749 for a 64GB model, with 128GB and 256GB models also available. It will be available in India from September 28!

The iPhone XS starts at $749 and ships from October 26. The iPhone XS Max starts from $1099 which will be the premium phone and will be available from September 28.

Well as they say, if you don’t have an iPhone…You don’t have an iPhone!

Would you get one? Let us know in comments below!

P.s: We are going to sell our organs, let us know if you are planning too 😛

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