Samsung to unveil the Galaxy S10 in 2019 but reports suggest the launch timeline could happen sooner than we expect.

With that in mind, it’s worth looking at all the features, the possible design changes one can hope that Samsung manages to use and give us a Galaxy S product that manages to pack flagship features but carry a differed design language that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Here are all the rumours and leaks that we’ve come to hear about the Galaxy S10 series from Samsung for 2019.

1. Three Phones in the Works

These renders suggest that Samsung will launch three Galaxy S phones in 2019. 

You might notice the design changes, especially the camera hole on the front but the bigger news is that Samsung could launch three Galaxy S phones in 2019. This will be the regular Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 Plus and a Galaxy S10 Lite to round-up the series.

As the name suggests, one expects S10 and S10 Plus to pack the same hardware, albeit with a slight difference in screen size. With the S10 Lite, the price barrier lowers down which means use of mid-range hardware.

2. The Phone With A Hole

If 2018 was the awakening of the regular, wide and water drop notch, 2019 is panning out to be the year of the ‘hole-notch’. Basically, phones in the coming months won’t have the traditional notch, instead a phone’s front camera will be a hole being punched into the screen.

The Galaxy S10 series will be one of the first to mark this trend. The company’s called it the O-Infinity display and we’re eager to see how big a difference does this new form of notch makes for screen viewing.

3. More Cameras

Three rear cameras 

In 2018, Samsung resisted the temptation of loading up its phones with more than two cameras but 2019 is going to see them break that tradition. The rumours about Galaxy S10 suggests that the phone will get three cameras at the back, while the Galaxy S10 Plus will go one step further and add four cameras to its setup.

Now it has been proven that multiple cameras don’t mean better imaging quality (Pixel series the best example) but with Samsung it’s easy to get excited about what the Galaxy S10 could promise.

4. 5G But Not for India

The Galaxy S9+ packs a bigger battery than the Galaxy Note 8.

Many reports suggest that Samsung will be eyeing the 5G market, and for that a Galaxy S10 will support the latest connectivity standard in the industry. That’s not all, this unique device is also expected to feature the reverse wireless charging option, that lets you charge other devices, something we first saw with Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro in 2018.

Having said that, consumers in India have no reason to feel excited about this possibility, as the supposed device will mostly be available in markets like Europe and US among others.

5. New Features

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 series will have a lot of firsts for the company. This will be their first to sport an in-display fingerprint scanner, is also likely to be the first to come without a headphone jack (ugh) and a new look software loaded into the phone.

6. Hardware

Rest assured, the Galaxy S10 range will come with Snapdragon 855 or latest Exynos processor, loaded with up to 8GB RAM (about time!) and plenty of storage space as well.

Hopefully, Samsung manages to roll out the phone with the latest Android Pie flavour, which is yet to hit the existing Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 8 and even the Galaxy Note 9 users across the world.

7. Bigger, Better, but Pricier

All of this means only one thing, a higher price tag for the Galaxy S10. Every year we’re seeing the prices of flagship phones reaching new level, with Apple heading the charts with its Rs 1.45 lakh sticker price for the 512GB iPhone XS Max. 

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