The Virgin Group has just signed an agreement with Maharashtra to build Hyperloop transportation between Mumbai and Pune that will reduce the travel time between the two destinations to 25 minutes flat! And no you are not in a sci-fi story – this is reality! Click here to know more.

Here’s everything you should know:

1.     Concept by Tesla and SpaceX

A Hyperloop is a sealed tube through which a pod may travel free of air resistance that reduces travel time to a fraction of the original while maintaining efficiency. The concept design was released by a joint team of Tesla and SpaceX.

2.     Proposed route

The first Hyperloop will connect central Pune with the international airport at Navi Mumbai. The loop is expected to ferry about 150 million passengers yearly.

3.     Need for speed

A fully developed Hyperloop is expected to carry passengers or freight through near vacuum tubes at speeds of 1,126 km/h. None of the systems have been able to hit the promised subsonic speeds.

4.     One if its kind

Though the Virgin Hyperloop One has its competitors, it is the only company so far to build full-scale test track, pod and shuttle it at speeds close to its proposed speed that is 387 km/h.

5.     Other countries

Dubai, Missouri and Russia are other countries that are on the Hyperloop train wagon, carrying out feasibility studies.

6.     Drastically reduce travel time

Described as an ideal first corridor to judge feasibility, the Hyperloop is expected to reduce train travel time of 3 hours and car travel time of 2 hours to about 25 minutes between Pune and Mumbai.

7.     Good for the environment

The Virgin Hyperloop could bring US$55 billion worth of socio-economic benefits over 30 years of operation and cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 150,000 tons a year.

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