Marvel Studios released one more detailed trailer for the upcoming Avengers Infinity War movie.

While the excitement is already sky high, all we can do now is wait patiently for the movie to release. While people are trying to unfold the plot and wonder what’s going to happen next, who dies, will the movie follow the comics or will it have its own twists and turns, etc. amidst all this, there are a few people who are enjoying bajaofying the characters and making hilarious memes out of it. Making memes is definitely the best thing to do on a boring and dull day.

As soon as the trailer was out, loads of memes started making the rounds all over Instagram and Twitter. Especially the scene where Captain America is being hit by Thanos! Seriously what’s his problem in life we would never know! He is behind every Avengers’ life. All we can hope is that someone kills him already. Dharti ka Bhoj! So go ahead check out the most hilarious ones.

We have accepted the fact that we will be seeing some of our favourite Avengers die brutal deaths in this one 🙁 But as we can’t change their fate, we might as well accept this tragedy with a pinch of salt and laugh a bit.



Iron Man would definitely have his own set of doubts now 😛

Gopal ko Ungli mat dikhana!!!

Bhai Rocks 😀

Bhai ka reply 😂 #sallubhai #thanos #infintywar #avengers

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Anyone looking to get fairer? Take a clue.

#marvel #infinitywar #thanos

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Close enough?

Gabbar has finally moved on from Thakur. Thanos is the new BAE 😛

#thakur #thanos #infinitywar #bollywood #bakchodi

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Never disobey the God of Cricket! #SafetyFirst

Relationship problems 101…

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The Big Daddy is here!

Thanos vs Bhai… one on one 😛


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Voldy’s got new job profile now that Harry Potter is over 😀

For all the Single’s on the house!

Po is here! Not sure if Thanos knows Kung Fu 😛


#BURN (If you know what this means ;))

Indeed, Bhai isko udaa dega 😛



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Are you ready to get stoned?


#SAVAGE! Sorry DC!


Oops, that was another one!


Close Enough?


😀 😀 😀 #NoComments

Valar Moghulis!



This is exactly what we are going through right now…



Completely accurate. #avengers #infinitywar #thanos #tomhaverford #parksandrec

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