To all the women readers, we’re glad you put yourself first during ‘that time of the month’ and want to know how you could stay in Zen mode though everything in you feels like a tornado. For the men readers, hers your guide on how to be taken seriously instead of cracking insensitive jokes. If you read carefully and follow, you’ll not just add some Gyan to your relationship but also known how to be the cool dude in all situations

It’s just that “time” of the month when you know everything seems blue and dull. You don’t like anything, you don’t wanna talk to anyone. Isolating yourself doesn’t help nor does being in a crowd. Well, for once, we want to address this one and get done with it. I understand it’s an every month torment and unavoidable but for sure we can be better prepared and know what’s gonna help facing it. So here it is. Let’s talk PMS.

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For those who don’t know, it means Premenstrual Syndrome. In the further layman language, it’s what women go through for few days just before having her periods. Not that having periods is easy. There’s lot of pain, mental trauma, stress, hormones acting like “whoremones” and what not. The feeling can’t be really described in words. It’s like wanting to shoot or murder someone for no rhyme or reason and also wanting to have a donuts full of melting chocolate. It’s definitely crazy.

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But, we can make it easy. How? Read on.

But before you do, just one Disclaimer: This is just not for my female friends out there. It’s high time the male friends also take note of this one and help your female counterparts. We know how difficult it is to handle women during this time.

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Especially when you don’t know what she is going through and feeling. Your relationship can really hit rock bottom at this time if you don’t get this one right. It might sound weird but then it’s best to accept it and be ready with your gear.

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So just to make this phase a bit easier, here’s all what you can do!

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1. Just face it and do what you want to do


Well this is the ideal step one. Knowing what you are going through and why. And accepting it. There is no point running around the bush as it’s not gonna lead you anywhere. So stop and think what you really wanna do? Do you feel like crying? Go on watch some melodrama love story like P.s I love you, The Notebook, Up, The fault in our stars, etc. Long story short, just do it!

Whatever you like!


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2.Hit the Gym

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Get sweating and keep moving. Hitting the gym for exercise will make you feel much better. Your mind will focus on something else for a while and you will lose weight as well 😉 If you still feel like hitting someone, you got 2 choices. 1. Hit the treadmill with the loud bang music and run along. 2. Go on, put on the boxing glove and hit the bag till you feel relief! Trust me, you will love it once you are done!

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3.Eat what you crave

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It can be chocolate or a pizza or biryani or a cheesecake. Just order it already and grab a spoon! I feel a way through anyone’s heart is through their stomach. After having it all you will feel much much better and your mood will lighten up. It’s tried and tested 😉

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4.Play paintball

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Go join the war. It will be oddly satisfying when you are busy removing your frustration by hitting others and strategizing and protecting yourself and your team. What more? It is also fun and you can take your girlfriends along to hit some folks out there!

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5.Write your heart out.

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Often during this phase, we feel unloved. We feel no one cares about us, no one appreciates what we do, in short life sucks and so do the people we know. We want to vent it out and on the contrary we don’t feel like talking to anyone. It’s complicated. Hence my friend, grab a pen and a paper and just write. It might seem difficult at the beginning. What should you write? Is it a letter? Or a story? Can I even write? Can’t find words or just don’t know! That’s not me? Hell sure. But to keep it as simple as it is, you can always visit a stationary store and buy a nice diary and a pen and fill in the pages. Start by writing how the day was and how you feel. Address your thoughts to someone you know but isn’t around to listen.Automatically you will find words flowing in and once you are done, you will feel better! Bonus:You can maintain a PMS diary by writing in at that time of the month 😉


6.Shop Shop Shop till you drop!

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Shopping is another medicine. I feel every women should save some money every month so that she can use it to its full potential during this phase. Just go there and buy what you always wanted to. Your mind will relax once you see those beautiful pair of boots or after seeing how sexy you look in that blue dress! Not sure what to buy? Indulge in what you love. Be it accessories, or books or home decor items or shoes or even hot looking lingerie. Anything that makes you feel good and takes your mind off this sucking life!


P.s: Hope the men are making notes 😛

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7. Have sex

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This one works out well for both the partners! Mind you, orgasm is your key though remember that not everyone will enjoy this and it’s bound to be messy AF! If you don’t wanna do anything of the above just call your guy and steam it up. Wear your sexy lingerie, smell good and try to feel beautiful from inside. Your guy will love this and so will you, once you are done 😉


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So go on and add these to your list for the next month. You can try any one of these to begin with or all together. Whatever you can get your hands on 😛 😉 But whatever you do always remember, you are not facing this alone my friend. We are all with you in this sistah :*  You have been doing excellent and we appreciate how strong you are and will be!


Lots of love! Happy PMSing.

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