Rapper Emiway Bantai has shifted his entire focus from Divine and Raftaar to just the latter.

For the ones who don’t know what’s cooking between the duo, Emiway had released a track accusing Raftaar and DIVINE of mocking him for not being a commercial rapper. While DIVINE is least bothered about it, Raftaar released ‘Sheikh Chilli’, a track, where he revealed his version of the story.

However, Emiway wasn’t done, he came up with another track last night— ‘Giraftaar’. In Giraftaar, he started with, ‘Sachcha mussalmaan nahi, sachcha insaan hu” as a reply to Raftaar’s line in Sheikh Chilly which said, ‘Sachcha mussalmaan hai tu jhut nahi bolega’.

He went onto ask Raftaar about his absence from desi scenes and blamed him to have run after money. Emiway begins with Raftaar’s “Baby Marwaake Maanegi flow. He then made a series of accusations against Raftaar for writing just 4 lines for #sadak, delaying the remix of the same track, for entering the hip-hop scene out of nowhere and etc.

The question is, will Raftaar reply him again? It seems possible as when Emiway had posted Giraftaar‘s poster on his Instagram account, Raftaar had commented: ‘Maza aayega chhote.”

A little patience would reveal us the stories lying further ahead. Until then, as I had said earlier, grab your popcorn.


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