Beef! Beef! Beef! God, it’s everywhere!

Oops no, not that beef. I’m talking about the ongoing rap-beef between our very own Emiway Bantai and Raftaar. Maybe, these lads, especially Emiway, doesn’t know the concept of beef and it’s going on and on like the Saas Bahu Serial.

For the ones who missed it from the start, let me take you’all through its timeline.

12th October 2018— Emiway dissed Raftaar and DIVINE for mocking him for not being a commercial rapper (the accusation was denied by both).

26th October 2018— Raftaar replied to Emiway Bantai’s diss with ‘Sheikh Chilli’

31st October 2018— Emiway responded yet again with ‘Giraftaar’.

2nd November 2018— Raftaar released ‘Anime Hentai’.

Last Night— Emiway uploaded ‘Khatam’ to his YouTube channel.

Phew! I’m tired! Uh, wait! One important update that I missed from the timeline. All these times— DIVINE went with ‘Ignorance is a bliss’ mantra.

However, the endless rap-battle was intervened by none other than the Bollywood star Ranveer Singh. Ranveer posted a video on Instagram lip-synching to ‘Mere Desh Premiyo Aapas Mein Prem Karo’ tagging Emiway and Raftaar. The post gained massive attention and Raftaar, Divine both commented on it.

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💞💞💞💞💞 @emiway_bantai @raftaarmusic

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“Arre bhai nafrat nahi hai niraasha hai. I get what you mean so meri taraf se khatam”, said Raftaar.

Meanwhile Divine said, “Apne hi kameene hote hai”. Emiway is yet to reply to his post. Let’s wait to see, what and when he will.

The Author’s Take:

My personal view is that these lads, especially Emiway Bantai, are overdoing it. When the whole ‘diss-thing’ was put into a trend by MGK and Eminem, those men were professional enough not to stretch it too much. However, the same isn’t the case in our country.

While I’d like to say that you gotta appreciate Emiway Bantai for being whatever he is right now by his own, Raftaar is a step or two ahead of him when it comes to being lyrically brilliant. Emiway’s style can be related more to ranting than rapping and he’s often been into a sort of ‘self-advertising’.

Raftaar, on the hand, had taken a huge vacation from Desi Hip-Hop scene and pursued his career in being a commercial rapper. Seeing him back here, all of a sudden would take some time to sink in.

To conclude, all these factors are helping our desi hip-hop scenes grow. So yeah, maybe it’s working as a positive factor for rap-scenes in India.

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