On Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Eminem performed “Venom” in a highly produced music video shot inside and on top of the Empire State Building. Well, we now know it’s not just King Kong who can take over the iconic Empire state.

The Detroit based rapper dropped some knowledge about the famous New York City landmark and included a cameo by Kimmel regular, Guillermo Rodriguez as there was quite a buzz on Twitter about the crazy light works on the top of the Empire State building.


The song Venom which is from Eminem’s tenth studio album Kamikaze featured on the Marvel movie of the same name. To the surprise, his performance of “Venom” from 1,300 feet up was captured by award-winning director James Larese using the latest Google pixel 3. At least we know the camera on pixel 3 is doing a great job!

With this performance by the rapper, it is now certain that The King of Hip Hop is the old wine in a brand-new bottle as he turns 46 today. Born on 17th October 1972 as Marshall Bruce Mathers III, Eminem is world’s best-selling artists of all time with more than 47.4 million albums and 107.5 million singles sold in the U.S. and 220 million records globally.

With any further delay let’s watch the first-of-its-kind performance from the top of the Empire State Building.

Shady has made an epic comeback to the scene with Kamikaze following the 2017-released Revival which was a commercial failure. He’s been breaking records and topping charts

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