Ready Player One that marks Steven Spielberg’s return to making blockbuster, mega-budget movies is predictably based on a 2011 sci-fi novel by debut author Ernest Cline.

Source: Goodreads

Set in 2045 dystopian earth, the story follows protagonist Wade Watts in search of an Easter egg (no jokes, it is literally the plot) in a VR game. If he finds it, he gets to inherit the fortune of the game creator. And the trailer for this one just dropped and boy has it got moves!

See it here:

And here are some of the Easter eggs you may have missed:

Nods to old TV shows, video games and movies

Ryu from Street Fighter

Bat mobile from the 1960s

Wade’s avatar Parzival

As it is essentially a video game, our protagonist’s avatar in the game is called Parzival.

Deathstroke hanging out with Harley Quinn

King Kong fighting on the Empire State Building

Going into battle with the Battletoads from the 1994 video game series

Using the famous boombox not to woe the girl but to rally the troops!

Dance, dance revolution anyone?

Harley Quinn makes another appearance, this time with DCEU’s Joker

A few more video game characters

From left to right we see Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Tracer from Overwatch and Chun-Li from Street Fighter.

Be ready to fight Chucky from Child’s Play

And in case you thought that was all, here are some of the other character poster reveals:

Named after the Greek goddess of the hunt Artemis, the protagonist Wade has a huge “cyber” crush on her which could be a problem considering they are on opposing teams.

Halliday or Anorak, the creator of the video game that’s called the Oasis

Daito and Sho, Japanese players who have a close relationship with Wade

Wade’s best friend, Aech is in the game as well to find the Easter egg

So if given a choice, would you rather watch Ready Player One or play the game?

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