It’s every girl’s dream to look stunning. Women keep asking questions like “How do I look slimmer?” “How do I look younger?” “What dress should I wear for the meeting?”

Dressing appropriately for an occasion has now become a mandate. How we present ourselves reflects on how we are perceived by others. Ultimately, what we see is what we believe!

Appearance creates most of the first impression in the minds of an opposite individual. Looking presentable and pretty is simple and achievable for everyone. How we carry ourselves is what truly makes us who we are. Understanding that every body type is different and wearing clothes that fit well, should be the first step towards achieving a great personality. In this article, we are covering the dream of every girl’s closet: Jackets!

But before going through the kind of jackets that suit each body type, there are some points to be considered. You may consider these as important mantras for carrying off that jacket anywhere, anytime!

  • Make sure that the jacket is not creased and is well ironed
  • Choose the right fit. If you can’t button up, you shouldn’t be wearing it. Remember this.
  • Choose the perfect sleeve. The entire thumb and palm should be visible from the jacket sleeve. Anything less or more will make the arms look too long or short
  • To hide flaws in the figure, always wear jackets with detailing done on the shoulder
  • Be aware of the fabric your jacket is made of. Certain fabrics may tend to cling to the body and not go well with the shirt / vest you are wearing inside

What’s your Jacket according to your body type? Find out:

Rectangular shaped Body

Tip: Always go for a cropped jacket that will focus on your small shape. A belted down puffer will work great.

Rectangle Shaped Body
Rectangle Shaped Body - Jackets

Hourglass body type

Tip: Jacket that will emphasize on the waist works best for you. Choosing a jacket with Wide Belt will surely look great.

hourglass body type

hourglass jbody type ackets

Pear shaped body

Tip: Try to take focus away from the bottom. Emphasizing on the upper half with hood or big buttons or designs on the shoulders / collar can work best.

pear shaped body

Pear Shaped Body

Apple shaped body

Tip: Because you are curvier on the top, you must avoid double breasted jackets. Go for capes and empire waist instead.

apple shaped body

apple shaped body jackets


There is a perfect jacket for everyone. Go and try those spectacular jackets and look like a Diva!

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