Your cousin just became a doctor and now your family thinks that he has gained mystical powers to give life to literally everything. Your other cousin became an engineer and now everyone, including Sharma uncle and his son, think that they will now build a new planet, then build a spaceship and save everyone on Earth like Noah did with his ark. Guess what? Your parents are already a hundred percent sure that the only way you won’t destroy your life is if you become an engineer or a doctor. Because of the hullabaloo that surrounds these two professions, your parents are so hyped that every time you try and talk to them, you just see one question.
What do you want to be, a doctor, an engineer or a disappointment?

The answer to that question becomes a hundred times harder because it is already fixated in your parent’s head that anything other than engineering or doctorate is going to be disappointing. Your neighbour, your mom’s kitty party group, your dad’s colleagues and that one ass who went through his textbooks in 15 days and got into IIT are catalysts in the growth of that idea. It also becomes one notch harder because all of these elements act together while you take a stand alone.

But victory will come. As an engineering drop out, trust me, Victory. Will. Come. You just need to have patience. In my case, I had to fight for weeks together, go on a strike against my own family and eventually just see every one sad and angry because i was not outspoken enough when I should have been. based on a very true experience, I would like to tell you guys just one simple advice. Take your stand, but keep your patience.

This is going to be you going against your own family and there is a big chance they are going to try all existing human emotions to try and make you give up. You need to understand that they want the best for you and they very strongly think this is the best. Your goal here is not to prove them wrong. It is to show them that engineering or doctorate aren’t the only viable professions. It is to show them that you are great at something else and whatever it is that you are doing, is respectable as a profession.

Your efforts will be in direct proportion with your results. Hence, put in efforts as much as you can and show your parents the results. Nothing is better as proof than results in this case. So give them the proof. Take up internships, participate in competitions, submit your work in exhibitions or shows. Seeing that your work is getting recognised will be a great medium to convey your point.

In the end, just remember that it is your family. You want to stick around. So take conscious effort to not make things irreversibly bad. It is a fight so there is going to be collateral damage. But it can be controlled. So keep your chill, take your stand and prove your point. Once you get through, thank me, All the best!

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