Rapper Vivian Divine re-released his single ‘TEESRI MANZIL’ after it was brought down from the YouTube a couple of months ago citing copyright issues. The news was spread that it was the Zee Music Company that claimed the copyright.

In the new version, Divine has changed a line from his song. Which was earlier, ‘Sabka Time Aayega, Nanga Hi Toh Aaya Hai Kya Ghanta Lekar Jayega?’, is now, ‘Kyun Ki Usko Kya Batayega, Gir Bhi Gaya Tera Bhai Uthkar Phir Machayega.’ Which leaves the hip-hop fans wondering, is there no freedom at all when it comes to writing a song?

In Teesri Manzil, Divine has proven that he is not a one trick pony. The single is also the rapper’s first directorial debut. The video was shot in Toronto, Canada, in black and white. The video features Divine’s close friends which include JD too.

Divine is the latest sensation in the Indian rap scene and he is the one responsible to get Mumbai’s name up there. Vivian Divine is soon about to release his debut album.

Take a look at the song here:

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