Vivian aka DIVINE showed us what hip-hop is. The artist’s music pulled us out of the stereotypes that we all once believed to be Indian hip-hop.

While other artists are busy emulating western culture, DIVINE brought his own style. Amidst all the chaos that’s been going on between Emiway and Raftaar, Vivian never shifted his focus and now he has gifted us with another single— JUNOON.

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In Junoon, the Intro as he calls it, the rapper has taken us through the cycles of his life. ‘Umar 4, jeb mein jhol ke rupye pade paanch hai, tere liye wo toffee meri mission usse banana 8 hain, he begins with. The next line says: ‘Umar 7, meri maa mere saath nahi hai’. He narrates how his mother had to leave him with his granny to go abroad and work for the family.

DIVINE then goes on describing himself at various stages of his life until he found his passion (rapping) and made money enough to get his mom back.

The lyrically beautiful rap is accompanied by a mellow piano music and dark-themed video. The video is #1 on Trending and has got 1.1M hits already.

Find it below.

Enjoy! Asli hain!

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