When it’s the time for cuckoo to fly off the nest, the ones left behind get affected the most. Might be out of happiness (more personal space now, no compromises) or out of feeling left behind. The emotions may vary depending on where you are going for higher education. Well even if it’s in the same city you might see some patent reactions.

Believe it or not, the siblings are the best buddies you could ever have. If you have an older one, he/she might be your protector and if you have someone younger, he/she might be the chugalkhor! 😛 Either way they become the best support system one can have in their life.

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But how easy it is to cope without your brother or sister at home? Specially now that you are entering a new world of freedom (which is what they feel). Of course they don’t realize what you are going through but mind you, they are going to do all of the things listed below so better get ready to face it! Depending on how they are, they might one of these reactions to your decision. Read on…

Sign of relief!

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Yes. For some of them it’s like the moment has FINALLY arrived. No he/she can have the whole house to himself or herself (unless there aren’t more). They are super happy and can’t wait. Worse, they will show you that they are. 😛 You will see them smiling, giggling and already making plans about what to do with your room 😀 Worry not, its all temporary!

Cry babies

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These are the emotional lot. The cry babies. How the hell will they survive without you? What will they do whole day? Who will protect them from the atrocities of this cruel world? Who will guide them across this journey of life? They will cry to sleep even after you have left. They are gonna take some time to come around but eventually they will, because, everyone does 🙂

Who will I blackmail now?

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For theses lot you are part of entertainment. You are means to their end. The ticket to whatever they want 😛 Often they end up blackmailing you for your misdeeds and get their work done. No matter how hard you try to save yourself they somehow con you every time. So don’t try to cover up coz they will know anyway. In a way you should be relieved for going to college and away from them 😛 Finally!

Can you please take mom dad along?

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These people not only want you to go but also take your parents along. As If! 😛 They will be happy and glad to have the house to their own self. They will keep finding reasons as to why mom dad should go with you. After all you also need protection in this harsh world! (Don’t listen to them :P)

I also want to go to college!

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Bhai inko bhi jana hai college. These are usually the younger ones. They are jealous and are eager to be in your shoes. They can’t wait to complete their school and jump at this adventurous life ahead. They will crib for days and chew your parents head as to when will they go to college and how to speed up the process 😀 (wishing that was possible).

Why can’t I come along?

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Thank God this is not allowed. Considering the Indian parents scenario they would happily oblige to send the younger or older one along. After all you need someone to take care of you! These lot will request you to take them along. They will happily follow you wherever you and not demand a single thing. But this practically not possible and totally inadvisable!

Emotional atyachar!

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Another rona dhona lot. They will keep on calling you and pestering you every single day. Of course they love you too much. But these people can’t accept change and it is best to handle them with care. You wouldn’t wanna make them feel left out or you don’t care. Making them realize this is part of life and you are always with them irrespective of where you are would be the best way out.

Missing the buddy…

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Often siblings get so much attached that their world revolves around each other. They become best of friends and this phase could be difficult one. One should ensure they be in touch no matter what is the distance and keep the bond alive. After all there can’t be a better buddy than your sibling 😉

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Let us know in comments below what type of sibling you have and how does he/she react to your decision!  

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