We meet all kinds of people in college. Some become best of friends, some just class acquaintances. But no matter what you will remember few of these forever. They create a distinct impression in people’s minds, such is their personality.

When it comes to girls, it is already very complicated. You might not know what you are getting into just by looking at her, but if you observe properly you might find some clues which will help you establish your relationship better with her. You might find a best friend, a classmate, or a GF or even a love, you never know. This is how this phase in life is :D. So keep your eyes and mind open and find out what she is exactly before you start this crazy relationship ride!

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The perfectionist

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Whatever she does it’s just perfect. No compromises whatsoever. Yes she is the one and if you are dealing with her in classwork or group presentations then you better make yourself ready. Though at times she may appear fussy, but mind you the end result is going to be worth it.

The beauty queen

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She is the Miss India of college. A perfect masterpiece of beauty such that you wouldn’t wanna take your eyes off her. She is the dream girl of every guy in the college and other chicks are totally jealous of her. Not sure if we can say beauty with brains. You will have to find that out yourself 😉

The absent one

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She is never present in class. Such that when she suddenly appears, everyone goes into shock that she exists. The funny part when you ask her about it she will never admit that she is absent. Rather she will surprise you, saying that she is always there and has never seen you around 😛 Totally not reliable!

Spoilt brat

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Every college has this one. The one who is spoilt to core and does not give a damn about college. Because her dad is there to take care of everything. For her college is a pastime and a change of environment for when she is bored at home or partying too much. It’s a definite no-no! Stay away!

The Miss Shy

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The introvert of the class. She could be pretty and studious but you will never hear a word from her or see her goofing around. Yes that’s the one. She will never approach you saamne se or try to grab attention. Happy in her zone, she is content with her current state. So you might as well take the first step, for you never know she might be just waiting for you.

The bitch

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The Miss J. She has problem with everything and everyone in life. Whether it is another cute looking chick from your class, or her boyfriend or professor, or college, she spares no one. The only thing she is good at is bitching and cribbing, creating an unnecessary ruckus in people’s lives!

The tomboy

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She is the bhai of college! Don’t even think about messing with her. She will knock you down herself 😛 But she can also be one of the nicest people. Give her a chance before judging her, after all, having someone to protect you from the brutal atrocities of life is always good 🙂

Main apni favorite hu!

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The happy go lucky kind. She is totally satisfied with the way she is and wouldn’t give a damn about what other people think about her. She knows herself too well and people who know her well would agree with this.

The nerd

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The padhaku! Attending every class and doing all classwork on time. She is the lifeline to her friends during exams. Ask her anything and she will know. She won’t mind spending hours in library or among books. After all, that’s what you are supposed to do in college right?

The stay away…I am committed

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Sorry, she is taken. The sign is written all over her. She might stop talking to you if she feels you are hitting on her. She won’t accept your friend request unless her long-term boyfriend approves of you. Whenever she is free she is busy talking to HIM or with HIM. Its best to stay away and not get too close!

Met some of these girls or know a few? Let us know in comments below what do you think!

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