Are you ready to face the real world? Or would you rather remain ande ke andar? 😛 Often the transition for teens from school to college is a life changing experience. As humans we are never happy with anything in life. When we are in preschool we wish to be part of high school life asap. When we reach high school, we want to pass out and enjoy the cool college life. And so on. Basically we keep wanting more and more and then we realize what we had was so much better! For instance if you are in your late 20s you would give up anything to go to back to school and live those days of childhood and freedom again. And if you have a good memory like mine, you would also remember how desperate and excited you were to be a part of this adventurous late 20s life. And here you are! Voila! Happy? (don’t answer)

Anyway, remembering those days when we had just got outta Anda! aka school 😛 College life seemed so exciting that it was difficult to contain excitement and finish the board exams. The struggle seemed to last forever plus there was sadness of losing out on school friends 🙁 However, there were promises of yeh dosti hum nahi todenge <3 or hum saath saath hain! #Always! Some of us must have lived through it or some of us must have moved on.

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But if you are someone who has just got outta school and are about to enter this crazy world we called life, then hang on my friend. You need to set some facts right and know what you are actually getting into 😛 It might seem scary at the beginning but I promise you, it’s gonna be totally worth it. Be ready to face the reality and know the major differences between school life and college! Do you have any expectations? You are in for a ride my friend! Read on…

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Your Expectation: No more school uniform. You can wear whatever you want and look cool, hot and sexy!

Hard hitting reality: This might be super fun in the beginning but with time and pressure of studies (depending what course you choose) this is going to be a pain! Deciding what to wear (such that you look cool, etc.) and trying to fit in, in the end you will end up coming into your comfort zone (which means not giving a damn) 😛

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Your Expectation: It’s the time to Disco, abhi toh party shuru hui hai!

Hard hitting reality: Again my friend, this is chaar din ki chandni and fir kaali raat 😛 You will drink, puke, dance, fall, get high and sloshed but after a point all you would care about is getting fcuking 6-7 hours of peaceful sleep so that you know what the hell is happening in the boring and dragging forever morning lecture. Worry not, you always have weekends 😉

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Your Expectation: Freedom to bunk lectures!

Hard hitting reality: The best part about college is that you are not treated as kids. You are now an adult. Like they say “With great powers, comes great responsibility”, the funda is kinda similar. JFYI, college does have attendance issues. And too much bunking can lead to serious complications. You wouldn’t wanna get blacklisted and get your parents called and be bajaoed later. Unless you know you can say this, “Tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai” 😛 (if you know what I mean ;))

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Your Expectation: You have got it all planned. You know where you are going! You will never regret this. In fact you have never felt so confident in life about your decision!

Hard hitting reality: Once the admissions are done and college starts, people usually feel they have got it all sorted. It’s only after a week passes by, you realize you don’t know what the Fcuk is happening. Not all may go through this but it’s very common behaviour. I call it PPCD (post purchase cognitive dissonance- You may Google it for more details). In short you will kinda regret the decisions you have taken. You may feel what your friends did was right. Or you should have listened to your xyz person’s advice and taken up some other course or college. But hang on my friend! It’s just a phase and you are gonna be fine.  Trust that with time, this is going to be your destiny and you will know what is what. Also its ok to not feel ok about it. Just chill bro.

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Your Expectation: You are going to make great long lasting friends.

Hard hitting reality: Unlike school days, people around you are not naive and innocent anymore. You will need to keep your eyes and ears open and not trust everyone you will is your bestie. People may be shrewd, cunning or might have ulterior motives. However its best to see with time and not open all your cards at once.

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Your Expectation: No more classwork. You are a free bird. Who cares about assignments!

Hard hitting reality: Again, you are now officially an adult my friend. You are expected to take your own notes and finish the never ending coursework on time. If you thought you would be sleeping in till late on the weekend, you are in for major shock of your life. You won’t be sleeping, you will be finishing the pending assignments. Unless you don’t care about marks and results 😛

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Your Expectation: Your parents know now you are an adult and big enough to take your own decisions.

Hard hitting reality: Wrong my friend. You will always be that babloo, golu, babu, baban for your parents no matter how old you become. So don’t be in the shock of your life when you are partying late with your cool friends and your parents call to check on you or to remind you what time it is 😛 All your friends might not say it, but they are also sailing in the same boat, FYI.

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Last but not the least,

Your Expectation: Romance. Dating. Lust. Love. Sex

Hard hitting reality: It’s time to remove the rose coloured glasses you are wearing. I am not saying you will not find the right person in college. But what I mean here is that most of it is a sham. You may feel you are made for each other because you spend whole day together in lectures. There is difference between living a real life and being together and completing assignments. It’s not going to be easy. Would again suggest to keep your eyes and ears open. Take your time and don’t jump to conclusion. Let destiny play its own role and lead you. With time, you will know 🙂

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My sincere wishes that your this journey of #AndeSeBahar makes you happy and contented with life. Do remember, it’s not going to be easy but that doesn’t mean its not going to be worth it 🙂

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