It’s 2019 and finally, the fashion industry has accepted that beauty comes in every shape and size. But there are times when some fashion houses have set their mind on bringing down the morale of women who don’t fit in the box of their set beauty standards. A time when everyone is looking up to women like Ashley Graham and Beyonce, who aren’t really anything like the women we see on the runway or the fashion campaigns. The definition of beauty has changed so much in our times, and in the past few years, we have celebrated women for their own definition of beautiful.

Songwriter and Singer, Bebe Rexha recently called out a few designers on Instagram. She wanted to talk to her fans about how a few designers refused to dress her up for Grammys 2019, where she has been nominated in one of the categories. She showed her disgust pretty clearly by dropping F-Bombs and proving how badass she is! Rexha has been shown all the support by her fellow musicians, fans and a few big names in the fashion industry who offered to dress the songstress for her big Grammy debut.

The “Down on my Knees” singer wrote on her Instagram how disappointed she is with the response her team got from these few designers and she is still going to get her size 8 ass to the Grammys red carpet! We say way to go girl! It’s time that people in the fashion industry know that everyone has the right to look good irrespective of their size.

Bebe has been on the cover of various fashion magazines and been a part of the fraternity for a long time now. So it came as a rude shock when she revealed how things went down for her. But the industry doesn’t disappoint always and a few designers were more than happy to dress Rexha up.

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We feel that Bebe is absolutely gorgeous and looks like a complete goddess!

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Hanging by the pool 🏊

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See? this is what we were talking about! But we are so proud that she stood up and took a stand!

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