A brother and sister relationship is complicated yet very simple in a way. They are closest to us and as they say blood is thicker than water. No matter what, this bond stays forever.

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It starts with fights and insecurity over who our parents love more. You or your sibling? Considering the changing world where nuclear family trend is in, we often miss those days when we look back to the huge families our parents lived with. Having 4-5 children was very common and acceptable those days. Only now its a question of survival and also if there is any need? The point stays debatable forever. As we say, to each its own.

But right here we want to see the pros and cons of having a sibling in the house. After all we are celebrating Raksha Bandhan Fest today, though not sure who is vowing to protect who these days. But it is a chance to reconnect with your loved one and share gifts and time. With a sibling it does not matter whether he/she is older or younger to you. Plus these days if we are a single child, we bond with cousins or friends who becomes brother/sister from another mother.

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Just to analyse grass is greener on which side, lets just see what are the cons of having a sibling!

Sharing is Caring! As if!

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Yes, you are entitled to share every damn thing with them. Worse if both of you are same gender. Your parents force you to accept that sharing is caring because they feel they are forming a everlasting bond between you two. You don’t get a choice to give or take. It just happens whether you like it or not!

Game of Blackmail

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The most common issue! You have to play smart. Especially if you have nosy brother or sister. If they catch you red handed doing something that you shouldn’t, boy, you are in for a ride. It starts with I won’t tell mom/dad if…..! Then its never ending. You keep meeting their demands to safeguard your A**! One must strongly be beware of this one.

Bearing the brunt!

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If he/she does something wrong, you are always to be blamed. Especially if you are the older one. Mind you his happens even if you are single child. If your cousin (who will be as good as your blood relative) does something wrong, the balls gonna be in your court. You encouraged him/her, you sided up, you didn’t inform or stop them from doing it, you knew about this all the time, they have learnt this from you, etc. Its going to be there even if you become 40 year old! No escaping!

Too much responsibility

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Another obligation on the head. You are responsible for what he/she does. You are suppose to monitor them and safeguard them from the evil. Plus if you use them as bait to go out, you are obliged to them along and take care of them.

Interference in life for everything

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They would love to poke their nose in your business. In everything that you do. Good or bad. You know you have a surveillance camera on you especially if you are on the notorious list of your parents. They will sniff out your every doing and report it on time.

Feel of never ending competition!

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Yes you have your own competition happening in the house. you get compared to them for every achievement as well as failure. Worse if you are on the receiving part. If you are on the other side where your sibling is being told to learn from you, then be ready to bear their brunt and grudge forever, for being compared to you.

While we have looked at the ugly side, we should also consider seeing the good side of it!

Friends for Life

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They can be your best pals. Your BFF may ditch you but they won’t. Unless its unavoidable scenario. Giving them a benefit of doubt here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ They will be your first friends and be there to play and hang around with. Like together, forever.

Has your back, always!

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The blackmailing s*** nd all could be tedious but mind you, they will always have your back in the outside world. Its like you know being one family. Two against the world if need be. They will never double cross you but rather always protect you and stand by you in your fights against the outsiders.

Someone to talk to and free advice available

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They can be the best agony aunts. Someone who won’t judge you no matter what you say or do. They will be ready to give you sound advice for free and charge you up for good. They can also be brutally honest about everything but mind you, we don’t need any fake people in our lives.

What’s yours is Mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

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While sharing is caring, it can have its benefits as well. You get to take things from them and without even putting the effort of choosing. Brownie points if their choice is better than yous ๐Ÿ˜› So you can just barge in their rooms and take what you like. That’s what parents would like to see after all ๐Ÿ˜‰

Irrespective of what we say or how we feel, the fact remains that its a good feeling to know you got yourself covered. A relationship of blood or not, its the bond of love that keeps a brother and a sister together forever. Be proud to have one.

On this day of Rakhi, spare sometime to let them know how much you love and care for them. Happy Rakhi ๐Ÿ™‚

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