We have witnessed the biggest Marvel gambit ever in the new trailer of Avengers Infinity War. While it showcased several of our favorite characters from the Marvel universe, it did seem a bit offbeat. We are confused as to where the storyline is actually heading and how things will lead into Phase 4. Also, which characters will survive! As it is already declared that there is going to be a Part 2 of Infinity Wars releasing in 2019, only time will tell how things will eventually turn out.

For now we plan to decode the 2.25 min trailer and analyse the Mc Guffins to what’s to come. It can be a wild guess or an intellectual analysis. But 1 thing is for sure that this movie could be the last of some of our beloved characters. With the contracts of biggies expiring, Marvel is left with only 2 options. Either kill them or make them retire or renew their contract (seems impossible at the moment). The possible characters in the list are Vision, Tony Stark, Loki, Black Widow, Thor and Spiderman.

From the first look of it, it seems that there are in total 3 groups of Avengers gearing up for the war i.e. in Wakanda, Outer space and New York City. To decode it further we plan to break it scene by scene so we can understand what exactly is happening here.

The first shot opens with Tony Stark presumably on some alien planet. A voiceover recollects how the Avengers Initiative began stating, “There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people” with the shot then showcasing Banner (fallen from somewhere- seems like Doctor Strange’s place) and Doctor Strange with Wong.

Trailer 1
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The next shot shows Vision with Scarlet Witch but in human form with the line “To see if we could become something more!” This indeed was a pleasant surprise for us. Ideally in the comics, Vision used human form as a disguise to blend in better with humanity. It is possible that in the movie he wants to hide the Mind Stone implanted in his head from Thanos and hence takes the human form.

Trailer 2
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In the next shot we see Thor (<3) staring out of the spaceship with the line “So when they needed us, we could fight the battles…” in the background. This is definitely not the ship we last saw him in with the Asgardians in the end of Ragnarok. From the looks of it, it seems to be the ship of the Guardians.

Trailer 3
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We see Banner and Black Widow face to face after their last encounter in Avengers: Age of Ultron where he ran off in a Quinjet during the climax. It looks like they are in Wakanda and it also seems there is a severed arm of Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armour.

Trailer 4
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Next we see Bleecker Street where Dr. Strange is accompanied by Wong, Tony Stark and Banner. They seem to be disturbed presumably by the chaos outside the sanctum’s doorstep where Tony Stark heads out to check the scene.

Trailer 5
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We then have Spider Man seen travelling in a bus and getting the sense that something seems to be wrong. He turns around to see a giant ring structure in the skies over New York. We hear Thanos saying “In time, you will know what it’s like to lose. To feel so desperately that you’re right, yet to fail, all the same.”

Trailer 6
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The ring structure is shown in detail. We assume it belongs to Thanos and his army. The heroes are shown looking up at it definitely seeming worried and shocked at the same time. Tony Stark is seen with an arc reactor in his chest again. We wonder what caused him to re-install it again. We can only imagine how serious this situation is by watching Tony Stark’s reaction!

Trailer 7
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Loki is seen walking over the corpses of Asgardians and giving the Tesseract to someone. The background looks like the ship which had the Asgardians continuing from the post credit scenes of Thor Ragnarok. If it is, then things don’t seem to have gone well there. Thanos is then seen arriving on what seems to be an alien planet of sorts.

Trailer 8
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Spidey is seen next in his shiny new suit (last seen in the end of homecoming) swinging up to the ring structure possibly trying to figure out what exactly this is and what’s happening.

Trailer 9
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Moving back to space, Thor is seen struggling with a giant ring like machine or part of Asgardian ship. Is he fighting, protecting or saving, we can’t really tell. Something seems to have gone wrong here but what that is, only time will tell.

Trailer 10
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Team Thanos is here with the team of arch henchmen, the Black Order. A female member possibly Proxima Midnight is seen throwing a spear at a shadowed figure. Who is this man? We also see T’Challa addressing his group of Wakanda and demanding that someone “get that man a shield”

Trailer 11
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The man is none other than Captain America with a sexy beard. The reaction of Scarlet Witch possibly means that she is also part of the fight. It also appears that Team Cap is trying to keep Vision’s location secret.

Trailer 12
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Hulkbuster is then seen landing in Wakanda. According to recent information on web, there is Bruce Banner inside this giant suit. That seems to be more likely as we already saw a similar arm in the earlier part. But why Hulk Buster instead of Hulk? Is it to protect him or make him more powerful?

Trailer 13
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There’s a blink and miss of all the action happening in different locations. There’s Black Widow fighting with a spear against someone. Doctor Strange in New York city, a bunch of alien spires crashing in Wakanda. Captain America and Black Panther battling against the army of aliens. Why are the aliens attacking Wakanda? But there is a possibility that the final Infinity Stone i.e. Soul stone is in Wakanda.

Trailer 14
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Spidey is seem being slammed by Thanos (can’t watch!). It seems to be like an alien plant as seen in the opening of the trailer. Has Spider Man travelled to space? Or is it something else. How did he get there? That’s something we will know only once the movie is out!

Trailer 15
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We hear Thanos saying, “Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe”. The most disheartening part of the trailer is seeing Vision (back in his form) getting the Mind Stone taken out of his head by the enemy and suffering immense pain. The assailant seems to be either one of the children of Thanos or his main warrior from the Black Order. We just hope Vision survives this though the possibility of the same is marginally low.

Trailer 16
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Thanos continues saying “But this… this does put a smile on my face,” attaching second infinity stone to his gauntlet and hits the shit out of the Iron Man. We see purple (power) and blue stone (space aka Tesseract). As seen earlier Loki handed over the Tesseract stone willingly presumably to Thanos. However the power stone was stored on Xandar by the Nova Corps as last seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. We wonder how did Thanos get his hands on the same. Is the alien planet being shown, actually Xandar?

Trailer 17
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An army of Wakanda is seen getting ready to fight off the invasion. Bucky Barnes is shown getting ready along with T’Challa and his soldiers.

Trailer 18
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In the next shot Falcon is seeing flying and swooping over the battlefield. We also see Hulkbuster knocking off aliens. The battlefield looks crazy and no wonder we are going to witness a crazy number of action sequences here.

Trailer 19
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They are all here, together! We also see War Machine in Wakanda and team ready to charge all together. Bruce Banner is seen all Hulked out as well. There is a possibility that he is Hulkbuster but the suit gets damaged or destroyed in the fight and he gets back to being Hulk all again!

Trailer 21
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In the final shot, a bruised Thor is seen inside a new ship surrounded by strange new allies who are none other than the Guardians of the Galaxy! Seems they are happy to meet the God of Thunder.

Trailer 22
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It’s all happening, finally! Thanos is here and he is here to end it. Are the heroes prepared to stop him or even fight him? Are there more who are going to join the forces? We are sure there’s more to come. For now, all we can do is wait for May 2018!

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