Ever since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, they have up their game to add features (important ones) when compared to their competitors. Group Video calls, forwards sign, stories/status etc etc the list goes on and on. It does not stop here. Expect many more useful and important features in the next updates of WhatsApp for both Android & iOS. Here’s what to expect

STICKERS are finally here

Source: Digit

Since this is a beta rollout, it can be seen in those WhatsApp versions who have the beta build, this eventually means that the next final update should probably get it. The stickers option can be seen in the emoji’s section, besides the GIF tab. By default the “cute coffee” stickers will be added. You can go under the stickers tab to download other stickers from the entire list. As of now all the stickers listed under it are Free to download. You never know when they start charging for it, so better download and keep them.

Redesigned Menu for iOS users

Source: MacRumors

In the current WhatsApp version in iOS one can see the horizontal menu with options, the new vertical menu masks the background to highlight the selected message and allows more options to be shown in the first popup, with an ellipsis replacing the arrow button to reveal additional actions. Elsewhere, consecutive voice messages now play in sequence, so users no longer have to tap play on each message. The latest update also adds new reply options to user status messages, with documents, voice messages, locations and vCards being added to the existing text, images, GIFs and videos

Swipe to Reply – for Android

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Well iOS users are well aware of this nifty feature. This feature was added long back in WhatsApp for iOS but never made an official debut to Android. With the next release expect this handy swipe gesture to be added to android version too.

Finally!! DARK MODE

Source: MacRumors

OLED friendly Android & iPhone users, its time to rejoice. Dark Mode is finally here. Eventually both Android & iOS will be providing option to the users to switch between system-wide Dark & Light Mode. As a matter of fact many brands are already providing with their custom skinned version of android like OnePlus etc. The widespread of Dark mode was mainly introduced since it consumes less battery on phone screens with OLED displays. I simply love Dark mode in software and apps, this way the theme automatically changes/adapts from sunrise to sunset of my local time.

Its good to see app developers add features which are clean and add value to the application usage instead of adding some stupid gimmicky features. How many of you have tried them on your beta versions? let me know in the comments section below

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