In a bad mood? I bet this article will make you smile. This is a collection of the cutest, most awesome and adorable Instagram animals you should watch right now, at this moment!

Me running away from Monday be like

Look at the cute Puppy and his best friend the owl!

Animal kisses are the best kisses. 😘

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Are you talking to me?

Did I hear you say it’s Fri-Yay? Woohoo!

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Valentine’s day be like

Me after 4 shots… I am alright!

Hey guys! 🐶👋🏻 Photo by: @tubsthelabrador #animalcutte

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Too much cuteness in this post might kill you

Looking into camera for no reason whatsoever

That looking into infinity pose

Pyaar ek dhoka hai

Feelings are mutual #MondayBlues

Why can’t our love be so pure?

My Friday face

When DJ plays your track… Thats my song! That’s my song!

Saturday morning after the house party


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That chashmish friend of yours

Let’s race till the end…

Let’s end on a laughing note


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