With the number of vehicles skyrocketing every day, the chance of owning a unique vehicle goes down with the same pace. For all of us individuals who crave uniqueness in their presence, this is not good news. And if you are a person who connects to your ride better than your neighbors Wi-Fi, you want your sweet ride to have a tinge of singularity as well. Feels relatable? Here’s a few reasons for you to find excuses and get covered in grease, oils and a whole lot of other fluids and gunk from ride.

• You’re the head-turner on the road. Always.

Let’s be honest. We all love attention. If you’re a petrol head, you want your vehicle to get the maximum attention as well. Cosmetic customization is a great way to give your car or bike the attention it deserves. From changing the paint schemes to swapping exhaust, you can easily make yourself the COA on the streets. Although your dad might recognize you when you’re 30 kms away from where you’re supposed to be with a date in the passenger seat.

• You can do it too!.

This might take a fair amount of research, a few tools, tinkering with those tools and a whole lot of time. Nobody has ever been the best on the first day. You can start small and if you’re hooked, you will find yourself with a grease covered body and your baby in 30 different pieces. Keep going though. You will eventually put her back together too.

• Don’t like it, don’t keep it.

After a few failed attempts, a few injuries and some replacement parts that had to be shipped in, you will finally know what you don’t like about your vehicle and you can easily take it out too. Don’t like the way your vehicle sounds? Swap the exhaust. Don’t like the plastic bit on the center of your console? Change it, paint it, wrap it, go to town with it. You will be able to personalize every bit of your vehicle to your own good taste. Sounds good, no?

• Let your wallet be heavy.

Customizing your vehicle might sound expensive. But it is the cheapest way to get it to look, sound, feel and perform with that dreamy super-sport that you can’t afford. This gets better if you’re doing it yourself. Believe me, you will save up a fairly big amount by doing all of it yourself.

• Change is the only constant? Sure!

That plain solid-colored, all-thing-stock automobile that one’s got your adrenaline now bores you? Feel the stagnancy in all aspects of your car or bike making you walk to work? Well, change! You’re not supposed be the same all your life and neither is your ride. automobiles have the quality of modularity and you can exploit it without an end. And the possibilities for change are endless. You can turn your vehicle into a moving lighthouse, if that’s what you want. What are you waiting for now? Read the whole thing and then go work on your ride.

• Beware: the authorities hate you for this.

You don’t like that rear fender and want to take it off? Or the stock lights are just as bright as your future? How about the paint job that’s faded more than Alan walker? If you want to make a change, ill wish you luck. It’s going to be a hard time convincing the authorities of your ambitions and you strictly cannot do anything without a NOC from the RTO. Illegal modifications might get your vehicle confiscated or put you under a fine depending upon the specifics of your pet project.

• Although…

If you want to avoid the hassle of the NOCs and the effort of trying to be in the best books of the RTO authorities, you can get your vehicle modified by the upcoming and in my opinion, great customization shops around. Here’s a link for our pages where you can check out some fine designers and their designers all over India.

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