Cakes, oh those delicious fluffy, sweet to the core, scrumptious slices of sinful taste that we absolutely can’t keep away from. The word ‘cake’ brings out the most introverted person at office to grab a slice without regards to whose birthday or farewell it is, isn’t it? Cakes have led celebrations and revolutions, remember the queen whose head was chopped off cause she asked the poor to eat cake when they couldn’t even afford bread? So, yeah, cake has been with us to perk up with joy at just the mention of it. They come in all shapes and sizes. But the ones below have been crafted with such dedication that only the most cruelest would want to cut a slice out of them.

IT is not a cake, beware… you have been warned

Joker Cake

You’ve got to be a devil to want a slice of this

Devil Cake

Cake making: level Japanese Samurai

Samurai Cake

That’s a true slice of art

Artistic Cake

Ain’t she the most fairest of all

Fair Lady Cake

Magically woven cake

Magically Woven Cake

This one is missing from Monsters Inc

Monster Eye Cake

Reminds us of the movie Coco! Have you watched it yet?

Coco Movie Cake

Who wouldn’t want a piece of the Wolverine!

Wolverine Cake

For the love of Harry Potter!

Harry Potter Cake

All things wild and beautiful

wild and beautiful cake

In memory of Sir Bruce Forsyth

Sir Bruce Forsyth Cake

Let’s not forget this amazing anime Monkey King – Sun Wukong

anime Monkey King - Sun Wukong cake

This intricately Geisha just can’t be a cake!

intricately Geisha cake

Just look at her eyes!

beautiful eyes cake

Oh yeah, and Captain Hook made a debut too!

Captain Hook Cake

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Images sourced from Bored Panda.

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