Is it possible to start a relationship in which partners will be able to live happily until old age? It’s difficult to predict the future, but the chances of succeeding are higher if lovers want to be together, invest emotionally, and treat dangerous symptoms of a breakup in time. If you haven’t met your beloved one yet, then you should visit There, you will be able to find someone special. Are you ready to find out what increases the risk of a breakup and how to deal with stress in the case of failure? So, what couples are doomed to a breakup?

  1. Those who did not discuss financial matters

Romance alone will not get you far. If the partners do not come to understand their financial requests at the very beginning of living together, this will play a cruel joke with them in the future. It is necessary to negotiate beforehand how to manage the family budget. Who will be the main breadwinner? What are your career ambitions? Are you both ready to sacrifice your comfort if a crisis comes? Otherwise, there is a risk of unpleasant surprises.

  1. Those who fell in love with their illusions

It is foolish to choose a partner, relying only on who they can become in the future. In the end, these are your guesses and dreams, and you will have to live with who they are now. If you are not satisfied with the character of a person, their bad habits and social circle, then there is no guarantee you will be able to change them because they are an adult person already. It’s great if you are ready to accept them with all their drawbacks. However, if you are not ready, then do not be fooled. A breakup is inevitable.

  1. Those who like to even the score

For example, a woman had refused to have sex, then a man did not buy her a gift. She could not come on holiday, then he went on vacation alone. Alas, there are such couples. No one is willing to give up their wishes; the partners play the game called “you give me something, and then I will give you something in return.” And the rates will rise until someone gets crazy and leaves the game. Is it necessary to remind that true love does not tolerate competition? You either invest or drown each other.

  1. A star and an admirer

In such a relationship, one partner is self-absorbed and requires unquestioning veneration and adoration. First, another partner indulges them and takes care of them, almost wears on their hand until the demands of the “star” increase many times, and the person does not receive anything in return. One day the admirer gives up and stops being a donor because they are also alive and need love. If there is no energy exchange, the feelings are suffocated.

  1. A thinker and a dummy

Even if partners have been brought together by true love, sooner or later the difference in intellectual abilities will make itself felt. Well, people who are at different evolutionary stages cannot be together, when one seeks to improve oneself and develop their knowledge, while another one doesn’t need anything from life. Sooner or later, one of them will get tired of carrying deadweight, and the second one will not be able to rise above their station.

  1. Partners with conflicting interests

Relationships cannot be built only on love; people need to be of one mind, strive for similar goals, and adopt the same values. If a woman wants to have children, but a man is confirmed child-free. If one of them wants to devote themselves to saving the world, while another one cares for nothing but themselves, then such relationship will not work out, no matter how the two are deceiving themselves. Lifestyles and ideals must coincide; otherwise, they will kill each other.

  1. People with a big age difference

At first, in such a relationship, everything goes perfectly. For example, the heart of a young lady can be conquered by the reliability and sustainability of a mature partner. However, they will hardly be together to old age since they have too different interests and needs. Besides, the pressure of society makes itself felt. At some point, the young partner may want to have kids, devote themselves to self-realization, and feel passion, while the second one, being in their 50s, quickly loses interest in everything and gets tired of the frenetic pace. Over time, the older partner can show jealousy and resentment, as well as become senile.

  1. Two leaders

What does attract them in each other? Is it about strength, purposefulness, strong-willed character, or common interests? They are similar, and this cannot but inspire. However, a relationship is the union of a lead and a follow, or when both partners are easy-going and willing to share obligations. Leaders are not capable of giving in because they want to be first and foremost in everything, to occupy central roles. And if there are two bosses, there can be a struggle for power, which will result in a breakup.

  1. An emotionally unstable couple

When one of the partners plays the role of a caring parent, they take care, solve conflicts, and forgive, then sooner or later they will become exhausted, especially if they get nothing in return. A person gets tired of being forgiving and all-loving when their efforts are sabotaged and criticized; they also have the right to love! Therefore, they leave and go where they will be valued, taken care of, and where they will always be welcome.

  1. Those who are united only by physical proximity

If the partners have nothing in common except physical proximity, they will break up. In any relationship, you also need to talk, do household chores, and help each other in grief and joy. And what if there are health problems, a financial or personal crisis? You cannot build a strong and healthy relationship, basing only on sex.

However, you can find an exception to each of these cases. A breakup is the last stage. Many problems between partners can and should be worked on. But only if both want it. However, if the breakup is inevitable, it’s necessary to do your best to get over it with minimum losses.

How to Get Over a Breakup?

The first thing you should do is to change the way of thinking. It’s difficult to put the past behind you, but it is still possible! We all have such a person to whom we return from time to time. Perhaps they have got a place in your memory, or you still maintain communication. Of course, there are people from whom it is impossible to get rid of mentally. It takes a lot of your energy, and you get the impression that the person is constantly living in your head. And what are you doing with it? In fact, everything is quite simple, but serious work with your own thinking requires equally serious work on analyzing the situation honestly and objectively.

The reason why it is so difficult for us to get away from some people is obvious: we hope for reconciliation and reunion, and we don’t want to let go.

It is difficult for us to move on because in the depths of our souls we hold onto the hope that everything will somehow magically be fine. As a result, your ex-partner lingers in your thoughts, even if you are not aware of this. And this state only gets stronger. You think about this person more often, and you might send them messages after several glasses of wine, or even try to communicate with them via social networks.

If you want to move on, you have to let go of any hope that this relationship will resume at some point in the future. Changing your thinking will help you accept the way things really are.

You must live in the present, which means to close the door on your old life. You must make a conscious effort to completely cut yourself off from this person. Train your brain to teach yourself to recognize the fact that it has ended in real life, which means it simply does not exist. This is an illusion.

It hurts, it is difficult, but you will get used to new thinking with constant practice, and you will allow yourself to pay attention to the relationships that you may have in your present and even in the future.

Hope for a reunion is a path to the past. Communication in social networks is still communication. Reflect on everything; accept the fact that this is the end and move forward. You are stronger than you think.

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