After the long onslaught, Padmavat movie has been finally released. Though there are still unnecessary protests happening across the country even after clearance given by SC, there are Rajput women who are ready to commit Jauhar if the movie is screened in their state!

It’s quite funny to be honest to see these kind of reactions even before the movie is released. Of course there is disclaimer at the beginning to justify that all the characters are fictional and that the story has been modified for entertainment purpose. But Indians have a habit of not reading anything at the beginning or at the end of the movie. 😐

Maybe this is the reason why we don’t make good meaningful movies or talk more about our history and culture. Among all the directors, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has faced the brunt the most. Whether it is Padmavat or Ram Leela (protests happened in Gujrat and Delhi) or it is Bajirao Mastani, what the audience misses out is that movies are made for entertainment and are fictional.

There have been more such movies which had to face the pressure of non-release or were just certified as A category unnecessarily.

1. S Durga or Sexy Durga:

A malayalam film by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan faced lot of controversies before being released. The plot revolves around how women are perceived to be Goddess only if they confine to their limits and societies morals. The film though appreciated for its take and storyline, it was however not screened at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2017 though being shortlisted for the screening.


2. Toofan Singh

A Punjabi movie was banned by Prasoon Joshi due to too much violence showcased in the movie. The story revolves around a man who adopts terrorist tactics to fight the corruption of the government. The film was released overseas though.


3. 50 Shades of Grey

Too much has been already talked about this movie franchise. Both the parts of the movie were banned in India and have not been screened. Reason for ban being too much nudity and pornographic content. The film however has been appreciated worldwide for its take on BDSM and other aspects. With the 3rd movie in series set to release on 14th Feb worldwide, India again won’t be screening the same.


4. Mohalla Assi

Starring Sunny Deol and Sakshi Talwar, the movie was not getting clearance due to content that could allegedly hurt religious sentiments of the people in Varanasi. The movie has been given clearance very recently with 7-10 cuts.


5. Bajirao Mastani

Another SLB film where people protested against the release. There were lot of protests by the descendants of Peshwa. Allegedly the characters are misrepresented in the movie and Marathi culture is being shown in the bad light. However, the movie was released without much hassle.


6. Ram Leela

One more from the SLB banner, before the release there were protests in some parts of Gujrat, Indore and Delhi. People demonstrated their dislike towards the film by blocking roads and burning movie posters. According to some, the movie showed Kshatriyas in the wrong light. The movie makers then changed the title to Goliyon ki RasLeela: Ram Leela.


7. PK

The movie was tagged as anti-Hindu by a few political parties in India. They vandalised the theatres and burnt movie posters during the protest.


8. My Name is Khan

During the movie’s release, SRK passed a comment on the inclusion of Pakistan’s cricketers in IPL. This led to nationwide furore. Political parties tore away the posters of the movie and burnt SRK’s picture.

9. Fire

Deepa Mehta’s most controversial movie faced a hell lot of protests from various political parties as well as religious organisations across the nation. The take on homosexuality was considered to be disgraceful and institutions demanded a ban on the movie.

Controversial or not, we do feel some of these movie do not deserve A certification or a ban altogether. Let us know your thoughts in comment below!

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