Around the world, marijuana/pot/ganja/weed/bud/cannabis, or whatever you like to call it is being made legal, or at least decriminalized.

In the U.S., pot is legal in in 9 states. California’s weed in particular, is been credited with giving the state a major economic boost. However, smokers are still paranoid that the law will interfere and take away their weed (this is probably because they’re really stoned).

These people who believe that pot should be illegal have their reasons, so lets take a look at some of these reasons and talk about why they are actually really stupid.

(That’s right, Aditya, your pot is safe to use. Yes, I’m talking to you man, don’t freak out)


People like to say that in the last few years, marijuana has been engineered to become much stronger, like some sort of super drug. However, sample testing shows that the levels of THC, the active ingredient that causes people to think deep thoughts, say “WHOA MAN,” and think everyone around is staring at them has actually been reduced over time.

2. Risk of Psychosis

Another reason pot bashers like to throw around is that marijuana causes psychosis. However, studies show that cases of this only occur when a person already has a risk of psychosis beforehand. Marijuana may speed up these conditions, but as far as we know, it does nothing to cause them. So those voices in your head, have nothing to do with the weed.

Even if you say that weed being illegal prevents this from happening, that’s not true either because OH MY GOD, HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MANY PEOPLE SMOKE even though it’s illegal. Also, because it’s illegal the weed that is sold is free from any sort of quality control or other regulations to protect people.

3. Marijuana is a Gateway Drug

People say that those who smoke marijuana will start doing hard drugs, but there is no proof to support this. In fact, there is research which shows that young people who smoke cigarettes are seven times more likely to do hard drugs.Cigarettes are the real gateway drug, guys.

4. It has been linked to use of other illegal drugs

Early anti-drug laws were written to control use of drugs like opium, heroin, and morphine. Marijuana, was incorrectly categorized with these at that time and that idea has stuck.

5. People think it’s addictive

This comes from the belief that when people use marijuana, they get hooked and become “potheads,” and it begins to control their lives. This happens in some cases, but it also happens with alcohol, which is perfectly legal and arguably worse for your health.

No one does or doesn’t do drugs based on whether they are legal or not. If a person wants a drug, legal or not, there will always be someone happy to sell it to them. So this legalization debate is a fruitless one. Instead, we should consider what causes people to use drugs in an unhealthy manner in the first place. Some common causes of addiction are childhood trauma, low social status, and mental illness. If we focus on understanding rather than prohibiting, drugs can one day no longer be a problem.

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