Promises to change your life, to restart it and giving you all things good. Remind you of the tele-advertising campaigns that you see when you’re half drunk, alone in your house on a Saturday night? Well, this one sells a program that will help you clean all your demons. Literally!

The trailer starts with an advertisement on TV seen by our devilishly screwed looking protagonist. And I’m pretty sure he’s drunk because he decides to enroll himself in this program! The apparently 3-stage program starts with everybody shouting their lungs out to start releasing their demons. After which all the people there get juices (hallucinogens, for sure) that will help them get their demons out. And what makes me so sure that the organization hosting this program was just experimenting drugs on people is because the demons are released by vomiting and they are ugly, disgusting, wet lizard looking things. Tell me drugs weren’t involved. The end of the trailer takes a dark turn as these lizard-demons that came to this world via vomit start killing people.

Johnny Galecki is the sad-with-life protagonist looking to change his life. And we get Anna Friel, Oliver Platt and Anjelica Huston for an entertaining mix. We’re waiting to see what these ugly vomit-lizard antagonists bring to the table. (Probably just more vomit.)

Watch the trailer here:


Broke, reckless and kinda funny.