Globally recognised fashion brand Christian Dior, which is known for bringing together and influencing a whole era of fashion has recently found itself in rocky waters because of a certain dress worn by Sonam Kapoor on Elle India’s  cover for it’s January edition.

The dress in question is apparently a rip-off from a homegrown brand called People Tree. They help to sell products made by women from rural areas of India. It helps them to earn their livelihood and gives them a first hand experience of having a job. These women can’t generally get out of home and to work, hence People Tree gives them the opportunity to work from home and create unique pieces of clothing.

It is a shame that a brand like Dior, which has a global hold when it comes to fashion would exploit designs of other small initiatives. They have all the necessary resources in the world to do the research and know that such a thing is not done.

This issue has caused major backlash as there are big names like Dior, Elle and Sonam Kapoor involved.

Right. So @PeopleTree is a store in Delhi that designs and hand-makes its own fabrics. The People Tree designers dream these prints up on their own, and painstakingly create them, often handpainting the cloth. They are independent designers working with environmentally friendly fabrics and natural dyes. They support communities of the underprivileged and frankly, they deserve better. The person who gave the final “yes” on this fabric at @dior, @sonamkapoor and Team @Elleindiaofficial probably don’t know that this is a rip off. But they should. Because in this day and age fashion needs to be about bigger things. Things like what People Tree stands for. On a personal note – When I was 22 years old I started a small NGO in the village I live. It was called Knitwits and got together the local women of the area to knit beautiful scarves, hats and baby wear. It involved dropping material to the women who often couldn’t leave their houses, working with them on designs and later collecting finished pieces. I did not know where to sell these things for the women until someone suggested @PeopleTree. They took my stuff, they sold it, they commissioned more. Over time I began working for @LakshFarms and eventually People Tree sold the things we made there too. I have so many stories of how this little store helped women in need, Tibetan and other refugees, the underprivileged, and anyone truly struggling who required an outlet and could design something beautiful. Shame on you @Dior for not having a better system in place to ensure things like this don’t happen. Not this time though. 💔

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The reps from the brand have not issued an official statement yet.


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