It’s the choices that we make,

which keeps us awake.

A mere regret or a rush of happiness,

blame it on your destiny or take it as a leap of faith

for you know, now it’s either make or break.


You would rather make or face the brunt,

for this is the fact of life,

and it can’t be undone.


Looking back at the memories…

You must keep moving forward,

because you never know,

a bright tomorrow awaits!


Penning it down, might come as a relief.

At least you will know, it was for real.

You loved it, you laughed, you cried…

Those are now just the moments gone by.


Keep soaring high,

as future is unknown,

You may not want to regret,

as dreams never get old.


To realise you may still have time.

It’s the best solution,

so make up your goddamn mind!


Do what you love, and love what you do.

The choice is your

and yours only too.


Waking up to the bright new day,

we walk ahead, cherishing the memories we made.


For it’s the choices we make,

that keep us awake.


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