I know Monday’s are boring for everyone, but as we always do we are back with our fitness Monday with another popular internet fitness celebrity for our readers. Last week we went through the fitness plan of Sommer Ray and saw why she makes it big in the world of fitness. Today, we are talking about London-based hot fitness sensation, Chessie King.

King is widely known as the creator of the London-based lifestyle and fitness blog, C. Krets. She rose to fame when she started sharing her workout and fitness pictures on her Instagram account. She also provides the fitness advice to people who are struggling with the whole idea of staying fit.

THRUSTIN’ my way into the week 💁🏼‍♀️with these two booty burners. They’re my favs at the moment & THEY ACTUALLY WORK 🍑 Hip thrusts: – Do these without any weight before loading on the plates. I like doing them just on the floor – Push through your heels & skaweeeeze dat peach hard at the top – Use a box or a bench pushed up against a wall so it doesn’t slide. You should be resting on it just where your bra strap sits. – These are hip bruuuuuzers so make sure you’ve got plenty of padding (I double up on mats if there’s no bar pad) – Use big bumper plates so you’ve got room to wiggle underneath them – I aim for 6-8 reps with a 10 second hold at the top of the last 2 || SUPERSET WITH (go straight into with no rest) || Sumo deadlifts: – Use the same bar & weights – Take legs wide with feet pointing out, keep your knees out & push through those heels – Keep your neck neutral, don’t strain it by looking up or round your shoulders by looking down – Like the hip thrust, give that booty a squeeze at the top – Tempo is KEY 🔑Think of exploding up to a count of 1, squeeze & hold for 1 & loser slowly for 3, reset at the bottom for 1 – I aim for 8-10 reps & give myself a minute rest before going again with the hip thrusters. REPEAT 3 TIMES 💦 Add these into your next lower body session & let me know how you find them ❤️🧡💛 PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THE ABOVE IF YOU ARE A COMPLETE BEGINNER. Comment below & ask questions if you are so I can advise you on what to do next 💃🏼

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She was born on June 23, 1993, in England. At the age of about 14, she realized that she is taller than everyone and a bit bigger than everyone. After she received teasing comments from her classmates who used to sometimes say, “You look like my mum!”. That was the time when King decided to prove everyone that she is “Healthy”.

Before she started her journey as a fitness influencer she has worked as a social media manager for WickerWood and 3 Kinds of Ice. She has worked for brands like Nike and Adidas. King’s first job in the entertainment industry came in the year 2013 as a presenter for OK! Magazine.


While King doesn’t say that she is vegetarian or vegan, she avoids meat. “I pack my fridge with goodness,” she said, “Plenty of fish, tofu, chickpeas, and veggies. I just eat mindfully and make sure my fish is well-sourced, she added. Her favorite go-to healthy breakfast is avocado with smoked salmon in a gluten-free multi-seed pita. She says if she in a rush, she loves a shake with a banana, oat milk, oats, peanut butter, and protein powder. She always stores kale in the fridge to make kale crisps.

King prefers pre-workout matcha instead of coffee. King added that she doesn’t believe in low fat, high protein, or low-carb meals, nor juice diets or skinny teas.
The 24-year-old fitness star’s blog is all about fitness. She offers recommendations for top hotels, restaurants, and fitness retreats. With her blog, King reaches out to people who need help regarding their fitness. She updates her workout videos on her blog to inspire people.

Chessie King is one of the most popular fitness influencers on the internet. She has 385,539 Instagram followers and a lot of people visit her blog. She has been pictured alongside Instagram star Devin Brugman.

If you are one of those who are struggling with your fitness and diet then Chessie King’s perfect training plan and a balanced diet are what you need. Pull up your socks and start working towards your fitness goals.

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