Disclaimer: We in no way promote alcohol consumption. If you do make the choice to drink, please do it responsibly. KThanks Bye!

If you don’t have drunk memories from your college days, then you probably have wasted the whole of your college life. Alcohol and college is a match made in heaven. Huh, those good old days where students lived their lives with not a care in the world. Zero Fu*ks to give as I say! A college is a place where you don’t need a reason to party or need just any reason to party. And when you talk about the parties the gang is always up for some booze. The breakup party, Saala Itna Pyaar Kiya Aur Kya Mila….La bey bottle de! Fail Hone wali party…End of exams wali party…Peeo BC Aaj Toh Aazadi Mili Hai…the party before the exams starts…Aaj Pee lete Hai Kal Se Padhai Chalu Karni Hai…the drinking never stops.

But college days are also the ones when you have a very tight budget especially if you are living in another city for education then you would have known the monetary issues we all went through. But there is one thing about college and friends, no matter how tight the budget is alcohol is a must for a successful party. It’s not called a party if you do not have any alcohol.

Drinking on a tight budget is difficult, but where there is will there is DARU right? Here’s the list of a few cheap alcohol brands that every broke college student will vouch for.

Let’s start with some BEER!

Beer Brands

Some of very regular ones include Kingfisher, Haywards, and Foster which costs around Rs. 150-170.

Whiskey is not Risky!

Whiskey Brands

If you want to get some real hard drinks, Whiskey works the best some very cheap ones you can get when you are tight on money but want to get high are Royal Stag, IB, DSP Black which costs around Rs. 200-250.

Old is Gold as Rum Hai Toh Kya Ghum Hai!

Rum Brands

People who want it old classic way can go for some Rum. Old Monk is the most popular Rum in the market with other options such as McDowell’s which costs around Rs. 150-180.

Vodka for Fun!

Vodka Brands

If you want to drink in style and want some cool flavors Vodka is your best friend. A few regular brands such as Romanov, White Mischief, Magic Moments, and Smirnoff are cheap to buy which costs around Rs. 150-200.

Gin is a Win!

Gin Brand

For the girls in the house get some cheap Gin which will not give you wings but you will still fly. Blue Riband is a cheap Gin which costs around Rs. 150-180.

For those who do not want to be a part of the Fun!

Breezer Brands

For the non-drinks don’t get upset you have some cheap Bacardi Breezer to chill out with your friends. Breezer costs around Rs. 80-100.

These are a few Alcohol brands that every broke college student should try when you want to party hard and pocket is tight. Cheers!

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