Its Federer Day! Yes, you read it right. We are celebrating Roger Federer’s birthday today. This Swiss player is 20 times Grand Slam winner is a legend when it comes to Tennis. Though people may have various perspectives on the same we do not wish to dwell upon the same here.

Known for his style and class this one is a heartthrob for millions across the globe. While in the initial days of his career he was considered was a serve and volleyer player but with time this legend has improvised his skills and has set a new benchmark for the upcoming players.

Talk about being down to earth and a humble sports personality, recently a fan tweeted a meme on him…

And guess what, he himself responded and appreciated the effort!

I guess he just made their day 😀

On his birthday let’s look at some of his best shots. Known for the famous backhand, forehand, drop-shot and serve, he is one of the most complete and comfortable player on all surfaces. Though the list is huge and never ending, here are some of his best amongst the all.

The serve

The backhand shot

The squash shot

The back spin drop-shot

The Volley


The half volley pick-up

The round the net post


The no-look pass

The hot dog lob

The hot dog winner

The lob smash


The most stupendous shot imaginable

As said earlier, the list is never ending. We are glad we got to witness such an awesome game play by the legendary player which will be cherished for the times to come.

Here’s the final compilation video for all the loving fans…

We wish Roger Federer a very happy birthday and we hope the future generation will also marvel at this incredible sportsperson.

P.s: Lets back-hand everyone we meet on the street today! After all it’s Federer day 😀

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