The weekend witnessed the funny moments and memes created from the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. While we were in awe on the love that showcased on our screens between the glorious couple, twitteratis couldn’t help binging on the funny memes. We don’t really blame them as there were umpteen number of funny moments that actually took place.

Varying from the digs on the dresses to the reactions of the guests, we have it all here. So laugh along and enjoy!

The Queen is super excited! Not about the wedding but about…


The best part about wedding!


We Agree!

Talk about branding…


No meme can be complete without mentioning this guy!

Why mention?


People are so observant!

No comments!


Taking digs at Ex’s!



Jessica is here! 😛

A wedding is incomplete without the bridal dress!

So relatable! All of us!

People waiting for invites be like…





Like really?



Fuck it I'm over playing hard to get #RoyalWedding

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In sweatpants tho, let's be real

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Not not psycho 🙃🙃🙃 @lucyontheground

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Indian weddings!











No paani puri?? WTF!






For the singles out there!




So, which was your favourite meme from the Royal Wedding?

Let us know in comments below!

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