Vladimir Putin is the Russian President and a world renowned rider of bears (here’s your proof).

He wanted to be the first to cross the contentious newly built 4 billion dollar bridge linking Russia and Crimea at its christening. No man would argue, lest they become his new steed. Mostik the cat is no man… He’s a cat and he doesn’t give a f*ck.

I mean, just look at him…

Putin drove across the newly built bridge to Crimea—a territory Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014—to officially open its road lanes for car traffic. His truck led about a dozen others from Russia’s Krasnodar region to Crimea, as TV cameras showed Putin to be the first to make the 12-mile trip, as he inspected the construction that will continue until next year.


Except, he wasn’t. 

Mostik, named after the Russian word for bridge, has served as a mascot for builders on the Russian side of the bridge in Krasnodar since 2015, when the project’s press desk began posting photos on his behalf. Images of Mostik napping on construction equipment, playing on the beach and exploring the site have received thousands of shares in Russia. Builders have even given Mostik a tiny hard hat for his appearances on Russia’s main TV channels.

Mostik beat Putin over the bridge.

The cat has become the mascot for a deeply controversial project embodying Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Putin painted the opening as a “historic” triumph, decades in the making, saying bridging the Kerch Strait was the subject of many plans made in Soviet times, and the desire for the bridge went back at least a century, to imperial times.

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