We are just a day away to experience the launch of the gaming console beast from Microsoft tagged “Feel true power”. Microsoft has made sure it beef up the console this year that it gives some serious competition to the gaming PC’s at your home. They have managed to squeeze in a lot of power in the small Xbox One X’s form factor.


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2.3GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar processors, 12GB of DDR5 RAM with 326Gb/second bandwidth, a six-teraflop AMD Radeon GPU and 4K Ultra HD BluRay Such raw power demands a lot of cooling mechanisms and they are very much in place & visible on the back which eventually gets heated up during intense gaming hours which is why I follow a handy tip to never keep your gaming consoles in a position which is covering its back.

4K Gaming

4K gaming is what the latest iteration of Xbox One X promises and honestly this 4K gaming experience will slightly differ from person to person or rather from a gamers TV variant. Most games made for Xbox are designed keeping a standard 1080p TV’s in mind because mass audience catering is what needs to be kept in mind. The game results are purely impressive and varying too because what screens you use it to view and play on has a huge impact.

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Ask any gamer what a nightmare it is to play games on 30fps  😡 60fps is the base for now and increment on this more than welcome. Razer the brand name in gaming has recently launched their first ever mobile phone dedicated and made exclusively for game lovers and gamers. It has an astonishing 120Hz display which will give you close to no frame drops

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Take any modern day console Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, they are equipped with a lot of raw power keep the game-play  buttery smooth and the GPU gives you the WOW  😀 factor and close to real life experience on the output screen. All games are not created equal and most of the famous titles are capable of 4K with 60fps and Dolby Atmos sound experience while the rest of the games stick to HDR quality.

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Forza Motorsport 7 is set to offer the best blend of everything – 4K HDR and 60fps. Better textures, extreme detailing, crisper shadows and silky smooth frame and scene transitions will be guaranteed.

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More or less if you compare the actual visuals side by side the difference will be more profound and noticeable otherwise the experience is not as breath taking as moving from SD to HD ( for which the TV on which you project makes the big difference )

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Not all gaming and Entertainment Apps too

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With 4K support and Dolby Atmos in built, be ready to experience some quality content consumption and movie/TV show viewing on the Xbox One X. Netflix and Amazon subscription is all what you need to watch content in 4K quality. You have a lot of 3rd party apps to your rescue like Spotify, Amazon Video, HBO Go, Netflix and Hulu Plus. With HDMI ports, connecting Chromecast’s and Amazon’s Firestick are an option too.


  • 4K Gaming available natively
  • Blu-ray player built in with 4K ready which improves content viewing on 1080p screens
  • Future ready for 4K
  • Performance improvements can be seen in very few games


  • Not all games are ready for 4K
  • Games do not always play on 60 frames per second (fps)
  • The base storage 1TB will get full pretty fast because of heavy 4K games
  • Relatively high price
  • You will not be able to get the full optimization of 4K gaming consoles unless your game and TV is capable of supporting one

Tip from Me – A console owner

  • If spending money is not much of a concern for you then make sure you buy the one with the highest storage capacity because year on year with such advancements and the game size keeps on increasing at a very fast pace.
  • Make sure you have a very fast internet connection with no cap on the download limit because every now & then games keep on releasing patches and extension packs which is there to eat up all your internet data keep the movie streaming aside

At the end it is the console rivalry between these 2 biggest players but the cost has to be bore by gamer’s like you and me. It is a priced possession which we do not upgrade every year and if you are someone who wishes to purchase one, I would suggest create a list of games which you love to (or wish to) play on the gaming console,see their pricing 7 availability on both the platforms and decide for yourself. 😀

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