We all know Britain is currently under bad weather spell. The beast from the East and storm Emma have given red flag to the residents and have been told to be ready for the freezing cold weather and snowfall in the coming few days.

While we sympathise with the locals who will be facing the harsh conditions with limited supply of daily essentials, people from countries like Canada, Norway, Russia etc. just can’t seem to get the paranoia right. According to them, Brits are just over reacting and should just go and chill (pun intended). Of course they face similar kind of weather conditions for at least 10 months a year and it’s no big deal. We all learn to survive and face it. We must rather.

Taking digs over internet is so common now that if people sat quietly without reacting, that would be out of place. Nonetheless, we have no part to play here, but grab some popcorn and enjoy the scene, after all, there is no harm in having some fun and we know we aren’t going to be having a snowfall anytime soon [how we wish we did 🙁 ] Have a look at what others have to say on this!

The famous “send Nude” collection! We would like to call these people “opportunists” 😛







Another perspective?











Need some Bravery puraskar for this one!




Even the weather department is unsure…







While there were some who enjoyed it…

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter











Bitch please 😛





Well it’s all in all just good fun. We do hope the situation gets better now and everyone is fine.

And we hope Brits stop over reacting to such things again in future 😛 #JustKidding

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